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    My difficult child is upstairs struggling to get one page of schoolwork done. He told me yesterday to give him one page at a time-instead of giving him it all at once. Today, I upped the anty- by telling him if he gets this one page done nicely, and in a reasonable amount of time-no more work for the rest of the day. However, I hear him up there messing around with the dogs, moving around, etc.

    Why am I so anxious? This is his 6th day without medications. I am nervous about what is going to happen in school. I really feel like I set myself up for this one. husband is so happy that he is not on medication now. He told me that he doesn't want him to go on it again- even if we need to let him get "C's" in school. I know I have to give difficult child a chance without medications--but the "teacher" inside me is saying he is going to have a hard time. husband works out of home and says there are many things that distract him from his work- and that the school environment may be different. He may have a point- the teacher-the other children MAY help him -- but I don't know.
    I will give it time- but I am not going to let difficult child suffer. husband has to realize there is more than grades at stake. Self-esteem suffers so much-I see it in my classroom/school with BRIGHT kids who don't get what they need (medications) go down the tubes. husband thinks difficult child needs to deal with life without medications or we are setting him up to be unable to handle life without "drugs". husband is a good man-but I hate it when he gets into these modes.

    I need to relax--going back to school is going to be so stressful. On top of it my best friend (and savior many times) is not going to be in school for 4 weeks-because of surgery. I feel jittery inside already. I hate feeling like this!
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    Well, if it helps in your arguments/decisions, research does show that kids with-adhd who are medicated are LESS likely to develop drug/alcohol problems than kids with-adhd who are not medicated. It was a while ago that the study was published. I got a copy from several of the different docs we saw. You might ask the doctor when you see him.

    Most ADHD medications are quick in/quick out meaning it only takes a day or so to wash them out of the system. It can take time to find the right dosage, but it isn't the kind of medication that has to be at the right dosage for 6 weeks to show a difference, unless you are using strattera. Strattera is a differnt kind of medicine (more like prozac) and does take time at the dosage level to show results.

    This is a really big issue, and one each family must decide based on what symptoms and problems the child is having. I hope things work out well for you.