Mommys protect your boys!!!!!

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    From predaters and desperate woman that is. A local teacher in I think her 40's was just recently arrested for having ummmm S@@ with a 17 year old boy. Whats worse is that she was a 5th grade teacher and has been married for like 20 years with four children. Yikes!!!! What is this world coming to. According to the article this 17 year old was the son of a family friend. All I can say is that we Moms have to really watch our boys. It horrifies me to even think that this could happen to our kiddos.
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    I hope they do to her the same they would do to a man who did this to a teen girl.
  3. mom_in_training

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    We can only hope that she gets the extreme punishment. How dare she go there!!!! How appalling.
  4. susiestar

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    I agree, it is appalling. Sadly, she problem won't get even HALF of the punishment she deserves. So many in our society still think the boy is "lucky" in some way. And that is just WRONG!!!

    We have to be so incredibly careful with our kids of all ages. I hate to hear about stuff like this.

    We have an elem teacher who used to wear clothes that showed the top of her underwear, super short skirts, etc.... Her own kids are quite disturbed and the stories that I have personally seen be true about her are shocking. But she is still teaching, 5 years after I heard a little first grader comment that he could see her thong!!! Wiz was assigned to her, but refused to mainstream that year. I was always thankful. She gives her students quite an eyeful through out the year. It is just sick.

    Let's hope the boy who was seduced by this 40something woman gets teh help he will need.
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  5. Hound dog

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    Disgusting. I feel for her family having to go thru this mess. He and his family having to go thru this mess. Her, she should get the max, whatever it is.