Mom's kill kids more often than we think - article from local paper

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by rlsnights, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Estimate that in the US a mother kills her child/ren every 3 days
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    But not surprising.
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    Truth be told, there's probably more than that if you count in all the "questionable" infant deaths and the deaths resulting from abuse and neglect. So very sad!
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    Unfortunately... Yeah. I noticed that the article mentioned mothers, fathers and stepfathers. So much for the "wicked stepmother" stereotype. (Although there are quite a few, I won't deny that.)

    If you include accidental, or accidental-due-to-neglect, yes, the numbers would skyrocket.
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    ... then there's the notorious "mothers boyfriend"! There's been several cases in the news where the mother had gone out somewhere, leaving an infant with a boyfriend (not the baby's father) and terrible things happened. They had no connection with the baby, didn't know what to do, got frustrated because the baby wouldn't stop crying ...
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    Interesting article.
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    I could be the "unpopular" vote here - but I still say -If you kill your own children (or anyone elses for that matter) and there is no doubt you did it? Then you should be put to death. I'm not pro-death sentence, but I just can't see where trying to rehabilitate someone who does something like this is helping anyone.

    Not that I'm not for forgiving either. I just think the burden would be too horendous to bear once you did gain mental health, and I'm really at a loss to see how it could help anyone; Mother or society to rehabilitate them. I think rehabilitation for those women borders on cruel. If there was something that could be learned FROM rehabilitation so that it wouldn't happen ever again? I think maybe science would have learned it, but they aren't any further along now than they were years ago in establishing signs/pattern/evidence. I also believe if there were tougher ZERO TOLERANCE laws for this? You'd see a drop in the crime. I could be wrong, but I think not.

    To even mention Smiths name here in SC will get snarls, raised lips and sneers. Still very unpopular for driving her children still strapped into their car seats into the lake, then blaming it on a black man while acting the 'role' of Mother loosing her children to a car jacker makes people very angry. Recently not too far from our house another woman drove her mini van into the river with her two infants inside, and ran to the road waiving down for help. Later at the jail she told deputies if her overbearing Mother would have given her the four year old daughter that morning? She would have killed her too. Needless to say articles like this one are RARELY followed up on - which I find amazing. Smith is still in solitary because if she ever gets out? Gen. Pop. will kill her so she costs even more money to house, and now believes she is rehabilitated and would like to be set free to continue her Christian ministry. Yup - she sounds rehabilitated to me.

    I'm at a loss to seriously rehabilitate people like this when the outcome can never be anything but misery for them. How would you ever get over killing your own children?