Monday: Bad News / Good News

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DownTheRabbitHole, Feb 20, 2012.

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    We left Friday to come to city for difficult child's appointment. It's a 3 1/2 4 hour drive so we decided to make a weekend of it. His appointment was for 11:00 this morning and I get a call around 8:30 from nurse saying she hoped I wasn't to far into our drive because Dr. Had emergancy and wouldn't be in till Wed!!!

    I was really anxious for appointment because of difficult child's recent troubles at school but I guess I have no choice but to reschedule. As for drive and hotel I'm going to look at it like we needed the break.

    I also got a call from school diagnostician that she was done with testing for revaluation of difficult child and would have report before ARD manifestation evaluation this Friday. Spent half hour on the phone going over her testing with difficult child and the upcoming ARD. This is the lady, who according to VP, would make "the determination"if behavior was a result of his disability or not. I remember someone mentioning that the VP comment was incorrect to begin with but in any case after phone call I feel better about going into ARD this week.

    I still plan to be on my guard and have taken notes on everyone's suggestions. I will not be forgetting the VP comments or attitude anytime soon. I'll followup later with an update on how things went but thanks again for all the advice and help.
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    Lordy, don't you just hate having to fall back and regroup? Sounds like you've got the right attitude and the right vigilance in place. Hope you all did benefit from the change of environment. Hugs DDD
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    It must have been very disappointing but you've got a great attitude!! Hope you enjoyed the weekend away. If you can bring someone to the meeting to take notes, it might make it a bit easier for you. Keeping my fingers crossed that things go better then you expect... SFR