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    I got the call just a little bit ago. All the authorizations have been made and Jessie is to be at the hospital in Fort Worth on Monday at noon. We will leave very early Monday morning, just the two of us. husband is going to have to borrow a car. I will either stay at the hospital or in the RMD house. Given my health problems I hope I can stay at the RMD most of the time or maybe afford the motel 6 that is about 25 minutes away.

    I am dreading my mother wanting to go with us. She will undoubtedly try to use time there to "talk it out" with me about my gfgbro. This trip will be Jess and I because it simply cannot be about anyone but Jess. I am not sure I can trust my mother to NOT bring up gfgbro koi so her coming with us won't be offered. She will get over it at some point.

    Thanks for all the hugs and good wishes. They are truly appreciated!

    Again, if anyone is in the area and wants to get together, I would love to try to meet.
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    Wow! Sounds like the doctor is really on top of things! Have a safe trip, and I'll be keeping you both in my prayers.
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    Yay! Sounds like this guy has really got his act together. I so hope you can do RMDH. Will be praying hard this comes up with a good treatment plan for Jess.

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    Contact the RMD ahead of time, and tell your mom they'll only house you. Or just go without mentioning it at all to her.