Monday's Preliminary Conference.


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Hi Family:

Spoke to my lawyer today. He tells me that the court proceeding on Monday is a preliminary conference. I believe that is to research whether there is enough provocation to set a hearing date. I didn't think that I would get a definate decision Monday, but I am hoping they will at least tell me I can keep J till all this is over. Attorney told me NOT to bring Baby to the proceeding.
difficult child in the meantime wrote me a heartfelt letter and read it to me over the phone, she says I am the best mother, friend and grandmother she has ever seen :warrior:
Then at the same time I get call from landlord saying she has now moved into the room with the strange man that was sitting in her room the other day when we visited with the baby. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/916thumbdowns.gif I JUST DON'T GET HER. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif
I am very anxious about this conference since I really don't know what to expect. Lawyer tried to tell me but he was kinda vague. He also said this could possibly affect where the baby is living....WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????
difficult child now says she will enter detox Monday after court......Yeah, ok....I'll fall over dead if that happens.
It's funny, ya know.....I look at Baby J and I see my daughters face. And just like my daughter I will go to what ever extent necessary to protect him. However, I beleive I have learned many lessons from raising difficult child and am smarter and more relaxed now. He has changed our lives....for the better.
Hopefully, this court process won't take too long and we will have an answer soon.
Please continue to pray....I am grateful.


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Am keeping my fingers crossed for you for Monday Melissa.

I sure hope you can get a letter from that Landlord for yourself about her current living conditions, rent not being paid, etc. The letter she read over the phone was I am sure nice, and we all know that you are all of those things, but it really makes me wanna go hmmmmmm, whats the deal with this. I have gotten so jaded thinks she is playing your heartstrings like a fiddle.

Why wait till after court to do rehab - why not now ?? Didn't you say she was starting work soon, or started already?

Be on guard Melissa my friend. She is all over the board going from being angry and revengeful to saying all the right things.

I will so keep my fingers crossed and will be sending you some positive vibes for Monday..



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Sounds like your attorney is trying to assure J stays with
you for sure. Sorry it is so God-awful but glad you will be
making some steps towards settlement on Monday. Hugs. DDD


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Just sending ((HUGS)) for you to make it through the weekend! I hope Monday brings good news, and reassurance that the courts agree you're doing the right thing.

Detach, detach, detach! I'm glad J makes it easier. Grandbabies truly are a gift. :grin: *



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Joining with the others in sending support and hugs, Melissa. Just keep looking at your grandson's sweet innocent face, and that will hold you through the weekend. Hang in there - you need to continue to do what is best for the baby.



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Be sure and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the totally unexpected. Don't be surprised if your daughter reads the same letter to the court, trying to get sympathy. Sorry, but in these kinds of cases people can/do pull out some really heart rendering tricks.

Just go in with your log book of dates, letters from everyone you can to document her actions. She will sink her ownself. She will be responsible for what happens, not you.

Good luck,


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I'm hoping the courts will do what is best for the baby! Also, that difficult child will do what she says and go for treatment. Good luck!