Money - the bane of existance!

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    We have record unemployment. Our town is very hard hit.

    I also live in a northern community, which gives companies and government an excuse to charge us more than other communites for comparable services. We pay much higher gasoline prices. Higher utility prices. Higher grocery and goods prices, etc.

    So, in the midst of this economical meltdown, our IDIOT city council and provincial government just stick it to us worse.

    In the past few months and over the next few, here are some disgusting changes:

    1) New provincial tax coming, which will tax formerly tax exempt things, at a whopping 13%. That will be on neccesities of life stuff! Rent, hydro, gas (and trust me, we need heat in northern Canada!!!), telephones, luxery type stuff like internet, cable, sattelite. All food. All clothing and any other purchase. Gasoline (on top of our jacked up rates in this pathetic town GRRR!). It looks like it will cost the average household upwards of $1500 per person per year. So for us, we need to materialize $6,000 per year from thin air? $500 a month? We don't HAVE $500 a month after basic bills, we have no car. We have no credit cards. We pay higher rent than most places in the province. I have rent, hydro, gas, phone/internet/cable. That's it. And that means my entire 4 person household grocery bill is going to be GONE along with cable and internet. Just to meet the taxes. So we eat how exactly? Or clothe ourselves for -40 Celcius winter days???

    2) On top of this, genius city council has begun installing water meters to every home. We will then pay nearly double our water costs. They have approved a 12% hydro rate increase. A 9% natural gas increase. Our cable providers are going to be increasing our bills for channels that are publicly owned and are supposed to be free to air. Virtually everything but the phone and internet is increasing. And then we have the 13% tax increase on top of these rate hikes.

    I hate money.
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    It sounds like they are all out of money, too. They haven't raised taxes here but a whole lot of things have been cut. It's beyond me how things will ever get turned around.