Monopoly Game Could Have Been Really Bad

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Jun 9, 2012.

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    husband was wroking late last night, so it was just the kids and me for dinner. They wanted to play Monopoly, but I was getting ready to cook, so I told them that I would play it with them after dinner and after both kids took showers. That went well. We ate. difficult child took his shower while easy child had dessert and then while easy child took his shower difficult child started to set the game up.

    Then difficult child started in with his demands. He insisted that he was going to tell me how I was going to play the game. I tried to tell him that I was not going to do it his way, but he kept insisting. So I told him that I wasn't going to play and I got up off the floor and sat on the couch. He kept telling me that I was playing and that I was going to play his way. I told him no, I wasn't. easy child came down from taking his shower and difficult child told him that I wasn't going to play because I'm being mean, even though I promised I would play. Again, I told him, calmly, that I would play, but I was not going to play by the rules that he was insisting that all of us play by. Finally, he gave up on his demands, but then grabbed the dice and said that he was going first since I was making things so difficult. Again, I told him no. That, just like we always do, we were going to roll to see who got the highest roll and that person was the one who got to go first. He said no. I said fine and got up off the floor again. When I saw that I was serious, he gave up the dice and we all rolled. Of course, I got the best roll and he was not happy about that, so he slammed the dice down on the game board. Then we played and he was great during the game. All three of us had a good time playing.

    All in all, game night was a good thing for us last night.
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    Hah, even if it got off to a rather shaky start, Bunny! :) Very glad you stuck to your guns and difficult child came off his, as it were...
    I have become rather a fan of Monopoly since I bought a junior version of it recently. At first when we played, J was very predictable - outbursts when things went against him, wanted to win at all costs, sulked and protested when he didn't, etc. But now... he seems not particularly attached to whether he wins or loses, often says he wants me to win, sometimes tries to give me money during the game or is genuinely happy/sad when things go for/against me! If this is what Monopoly teaches, I'm all for it...
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    Malika, we have several different versions of Monopoly. We have the original Monopoly, Monopoly Jr., Electronic Banking Monopoly, and two different versions of Star Wars Monoploly (yes, I said two different versions of that one). Sometimes deciding to play it is not the hard part. Deciding which one to play can be interesting!

    I was glad in the end that he came off his high horse and just played the game, especially since it was his idea!
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    That sounds soooo like difficult child 1 at times. He gets an idea in his head and can't let it go. Sticking to your guns is the only way to get him unstuck. It takes a while for the "new" idea to get processed. It stinks but it is what it is. Good for you and glad you had fun.
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    :) sounds so familiar. We never got past age five with board games and DD1. When mother in law moved in, she was appalled that we didn't play board games with the kids. I told her she could have at it, but if she played with DD2 she had to include DD1 if she wanted to play too. :devil: Yeah, that criticism didn't last very long! LOL

    I'm sure DD1 would be fine now, but now really doesn't have much interest in them.
  6. Monopoly that went pretty well? Wow. I'm impressed. I cannot believe that I haven't thrown ours out by now due to the 100% predictability of triggering a meltdown. (Sponge Bob version by the way) This thread got me thinking though....I have been meaning to videotape a meltdown or two for psychiatrists but somehow that is not the first thing on my mind when trying to protect the home, easy child, the dogs, myself and difficult child during them...but if I set it up correctly where it was timed exactly it might be possible. Monopoly would sure help with that.