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    husband asked me to post this - I'm available at the moment, he's in the shower.

    Even PCs have their difficult child moments

    Here in Sydney we have an AM talk radio station which is what I consider some of the most intelligent radio I have heard anywhere. The callsign is just 702ABC.

    Currently, Richard Glover, the afternoon presenter has been 'promoting' (sorta - he's not supposed to) this YouTube clip:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Sort Of Dunno Nothin' - Peter Denahy[/ame]

    Marg and I found it a scream. It's very Australian in the performance but we think its appeal will be international.

    What do you think?

    Or you can tell him yourself by going to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) webpage at:

    We've mentioned him before - he's the bloke who did an experiment to see if we really do need to use shampoo or not. He had a lot of people in Sydney stop using shampoo for months.


    Marg's Man, via Marg
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    I think that is too funny, and thankfully I do not have a teenager yet to do that to me!!:rofl:
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    That is too funny I have to bookmark this and show him it. I have these conversations with easy child and honestly, its rare I get more than one word answers out of his mouth. Trying to engage him in a conversation is an exercise in futility most times

    Hi Jamie - "hey". How is your new job "boring and repititve" How was traffic this morning "bad" Do you want something to eat "no" Where are you off to "out".

    I particularly like the dads face chaning as the one sided conversation goes on LOL

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    been there done that too many times. I actually do have the t-shirt! I can almost get full sentence answers nowadays but not quite. One day eh?
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    I think that is my easy child in the video...:stopglass::scared:

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    It's had a vast number of hits, so clearly it's striking a chord somewhere...

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    Dunno, nothin'
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    Cheeky lot, aren't you?