Mood charts....what an eye opener!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lovelyboy, Sep 10, 2012.

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    The psychologist emailed me a moodchart, with lots of stuff on that I need to start doing.....Like irritibility, sleep, mood, speech, behaviour, insight, medications, exct.....My son got one to fill in with nice pics exct! Saw on the bottom her reference is from the bipolar website....
    I started filling it in and must say it was so nice to have an objective evaluation of the day...It has a score system exct. My son also find it interesting.....
    It was a relief to see that even though the day might seem overwhelming it feels more controlable if you see it in writing!
    I know I might get fed up by the end of the week of filling it in, but it was nice:)!
    LOL...I had to laugh now!!!! As I was writing this post my son came into the room and said he showed his hamster his moodchart and he is sure his hamster can read, because he climbed up to the happy and silly picture!!!! So precious!!!!!
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    My favorite chart is from a bipolar book. No, we aren't still doing it, but it was very helpful at the time.
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    Hopefully a week or two of thorough data will be enough!! Glad difficult child is enjoying too.
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    If you have smart phones, at least android ones, they have mood charts and all sorts of charts for download free on the Google Play store. The store that used to be known as the Marketplace.
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    Ohhhh that's sooooo sweet!
    I'm glad that it's working so far. Fingers crossed.
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    Thanx Jannet...I got this one app.....moodPanda, but dont know how to disable it on their website so that all our info isnt open for public! i will look at your suggestions too!
    The only problem I am starting to pick up with this chart she gave us is that it focus alot on the manic, hyper, aggressive exct behaviour....and he is more depressed at the moment.....Learning curve....I gues!