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    difficult child didn't call tonight. It was a special day for me so I'd hoped he would but I guess he forgot. I'm stressing over not having a job. I've been on an aggressive hunt and am not even trying to stay in this town at this point- just within a 200 mile radius. Still, I'm not getting any interviews yet. My profession was hit very hard by the resession and is just now start to show a glimmer of survival and with the holiday weekend, I know I need to be patient. But I'm worried about whether or not my last employer is giving me a bad reference. I had worked there a long time but had to quit working full time due to difficult child issues. They knew that but aren't really the type of people to understand- their kids are all easy child's and I could tell that they blame difficult child's issues on me being a single parent.

    Anyway, I'm still stressing over the issue of difficult child coming home with us being slammed with more requirements than we can do. So, there's a little whine from me tonight.....

    got cheese?
  2. tiredmommy

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    How about a nice asiago? {{{Hugs}}}
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    sorry difficult child forgot about your special day - was it your birthday yesterday?

    In the future, don't even give difficult child a thought when it comes to those special days - it will only set you up for sadness - they just don't have a clue!!!!!


    P.S. personally, I'm a brie girl.
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    :flowers:Happy Birthday! (I'm assuming that was your special day.) I hope you bought yourself some flowers and ice cream. (I love the flowers at Trader Joes, but you can save almost $3 by going to Walmart.)

    Oh, wait, you were doing whine/wine and cheese. Here's some Monteray Jack. :) ;)

    I agree with-Sharon, don't just lower your expectations in reg to difficult child remembering you, totally ERASE your expectations. You are just setting yourself up for disappointment.
    YOU take good care of you.
  5. ML

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    Happy Birthday girl! Agree with the others, zero expectations where difficult child is concerned. You just have to take really good care of you. Sending you a piece of virtual birthday cake. Hugs, ML
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    Thanks, Ladies! I did eat a piece of cake and ice cream yesterday...and hunted for more job openings. LOL!
  7. totoro

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    Well it is the next day. But I will do the extended whine with lots of cheese with you!
    I will bring a cake also.
    Sorry I am late.
    Happy Birthday
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    Hugs for your special day.

    As for the past employer, would a friend let you use their phone to call and ask about your work history with them? Maybe the friend would even help by calling them?

    This would let you KNOW what they are saying. It is very tricky to stay within the laws regarding what they can say.

    basically they can confirm you worked there and the dates of your employment. They can get in big trouble for saying anything negative about you or implying it. In some areas they cannot even praise your work. It just depends, but basically they can be held partially liable if their review was untruthful OR unflattering. Esp if you did not get the job due to what they said.
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    Have some more ice cream for yourself! Ben & Jerry's is always recommended.