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    Some of you asked how you might get programs like Project Pooch started in your area to help with incarcerated youth. Here are a couple of links. One is to Joan Dalton's (founder) website and she gives information on private consultations.

    I spoke with one of the volunteers today, and Joan is planning another "Pooch 101 Workshop" this June. This is a link to a page on the Project Pooch website that gives a brief description of the workshop, and gives details about how to be notified regarding the particulars of the June '10 workshop. Of course, if any of you show up, you know where you'll be staying...

    (Here's what one of the boys in the program has to say about Project Pooch. It makes me cry...)

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    Much to my surprise we already have such programs in place. :)

    in my opinion it's a win/win situation.