More challenging day and I just got new details about hospital "se*" talk problem

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    ( to catch up is under the thread mystery solved, I found out where new words came from...)

    So, Q just came in to get his medications. He started the weird breathing again. I just tickled his tummy and gave him his medications. He (trying to get me to react) said, is that really sex sounds? I said, no it is just dumb sounds. He said. OK and just too the medications and started out of my room. Then while gong down the stairs I said, hey where were you when Leo told you that? He said, I'm not gonna tell you because you will call the police. (he has been told many places that inappropriate words about sex can get you into trouble with police). I said, no that is not what I will do. (I wouldn't for words) He said, well I dont remember but he whispered it into my ear. So we started whispering back and forth to eachother. I asked when and he said again, he didn't know because he left a long time before he did. That's good. secret whispering we can deal with. Just shows how other kids KNOW to hide such things, and later when Q started saying it at their lunch table and to nurses at random times, it shows how he just can't keep that stuff in. He was punished every single time and he still said it. I am not going to make any deal of it unless he is saying it in public. School team (so far) has said, no biggie, they are doing what I am doing and just trying to keep everyone safe.

    Teacher was bummed today because yesterday was so good, she was just routing for him to have a few good days, but she knows it will never be that way for sure, she just wanted it for him. He was just very blurty and not cooperataive with work directions. He has his own computer in his "office" and it is too hard for him to nto go on it until after another thng. I think the computer needs to be somewhere else but since they moved the whole classroom there is no where else they say............... well, except the whole compuer lab for that section of classes!!!! But they are trying to keep him away from kids I think. I think I didn't realize how much he is in that office until just today. Q told me he feels like a baby having to go to the office again. Of course he has lunch in there again due to the inappropriate talk in lunch again (at least that is a logical consequence....) He told the kids (the trained ones tha tknwo him) that he has beer in the woods. Other stuff too inc. teh sex talk. WE dont really have woods, just patches of dense trees around the pool and complex, it is beautiful but doubt it coudl be called woods or a forest, maybe i am wrong. you can see from one side to the next though.

    I think the main reason he was on edge today was that though he was awesome up until the time we left, and even on the ride, he started as soon as i pulled in. he flicked the car handle to get out over and over (I hate that , it breaks the car so of course he does it0 and he started with some of his sounds. While in there were two girls, very sweet and talkative, one hard to understand. he put his hood over his head and sunk lower and lower. i asked if he wanted a break and he just grunted and grunted. finally he started laughing about hte girl who could not understand her mom at that point. i asked in private, (one had gone in and the other to the rest room) if he could please not laugh because it can hurt the girls feelings . he said i dont care, etc. started to escalate and then MY mistake...I said, you have to be safe and in control or we can't go to school. Gotlouder but stayed sitting. i sat far from him. He got up to come and talk to me and asked if he could go to school. i said yes for sure, but do not make those sounds anymore.... he hit my arm (not hard, just a tap0 and i gave him the look, he went and sat (no blow up but...fuming a little) and the secty told the nurse, she decided to get the psychiatric tech from teh op program and he stayed with Q during the whole appointment.

    On the way home just got more and more verbal, tons of demands, only two could i say yes to. i finally lost it and said we have to go home, this is not going to work today. he begged, I will calm i will.... then he started his deep breathing (i had cued this before but he said no). he said sorry and i went toward school but it was still a little grumpy the way there. At school first was lunch so he sat with those boys. then the rest of the day was burts and only a little work.

    I wanted better today too. he did go great with Integrated Listening Systems (ILS), but he demanded money from me (not happening) and then to stay up late on a school night... i said our rules are the same as always, school days is 10 oclock bedtime. Said few things at a loud angry volume, I didn't change and he said

    i guess it is good he didn't blow up and he did say he wanted to go to his 8th grade party on friday. (both past years, he went nutso that week, jsut gets too excited0 and so that is both an incentive and an un-needed threat/stressor) i think no matter the medications, this kid is gonna have a hard time when he is too overstimulated or overly obsessed with something.

    lithium is increased so we will see.

    I'm falling asleep typing, funny, i wonder what this will say when i re-read it in the morning...haha
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    Glad it is just tired...I was beginning to wonder. hehehe. After reading all this, I think the next few days are going to be "looking forward to the party" behavior. Something exciting to look forward to after being where he was for two weeks. I hope and pray he makes it through the week (And you too LOL).