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    about difficult child. Last week it was the camp counselors. Yesterday I took difficult child to the pool with me. We saw one of his teachers (the computer teacher) from his school last year. I happen to have taught with her years ago.

    Anyways, we were talking and she mentioned a couple of things. She said difficult child was amazing in how he could draw from his life experiences to make connections with the curriculum (she said this wasn't just in computers). She said much more so than many other kids with his issues.

    Another thing that was also interesting. She said difficult child rattled a few cages in a good way this year. She said there were a few people on the staff that think kids like difficult child who aren't reading when they come in to middle school are never going to read (she wasn't one of them). Well, apparently they were shocked to see difficult child making progress (of course, it's all relative as he is still reading at a first grade level). They realized if difficult child could do it so could other kids. She said this really forced them to get off their butts and work hard to help him and others more.

    On a social side, she said the girls really enjoy difficult child. Hmm, don't know if that's good or bad!

    difficult child was funny because he was complaining to my friend that his spec. ed teacher shouldn't follow him to 7th grade (we are so glad she is), he says he doesn't need someone following him. My friend told him yes he did because sometimes he was a knucklehead!-She said it in a nice way and difficult child laughed and then he dropped the subject.

    Again, it was really nice to hear these things. Like I said wish he was doing better at home. He's driving us all crazy this week!
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    Well it sounds like that despite the learning and behavior issues, you've got a really bright difficult child, with a super personality and who is growing up before your very eyes! :bigsmile: Watch out for those girls!!!

    I hope this is a good year for him in school. And it sounds like it can't start too soon -- he's got that end-of-summer-itis!

    I'm glad you got to hear such positive things from another person's mouth. It's always great to get that kind of validation about our difficult child's because it doesn't come nearly as often as we need it to!
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    Sharon, that is GREAT!
    Sorry he's still a pain at home, but hearing all of that from his teacher is a VERY good sign.
    He is blessed to have you. He'll thank you some day.
    Meanwhile, eat up those compliments!
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    That's great that he had a teacher that believed in him. Every year I pray for that kind of understanding. This is likely to be a difficult year because there are about 34 kids in each classroom. I plan to volunteer a lot (good thing we're on furlough). I hope 7th grade brings opportunities for growth and that he thrives in the environment.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911 this the SAME kid that we thought was NOT going to be able to go to swim camp??? Refresh my memory because I have lots of nephews and only one memory that is pretty tattered at times but I think this was him right? Then he goes to swim camp and does THESE miraculous things?


    I know when I had blips on the radar screen like this - good at camp/bad at home I really had to sit and think - well,....he COULD be bad at camp and bad at home..(do not throw pies) lol.

    terrij2 is right - he's VERY lucky to have a Mom like you!!!!

    WAY TO GO KIDDO!!!!!!!! (insert HUGE board Auntie GRIN)
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    Sharon, I can hear your sighs of relief; your peals of delight at hearing these kinds of positives about difficult child.

    You've had a delightful summer with difficult child spreading his wings at camp & the like & I'm loving this for you & husband. You both deserve it.

    True warrior mum :warrior: I'm proud to know you.
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    Gvcmom-Thanks, it is good to hear these things. He does need school to start, I, however, am not ready to go back yet!!

    Terry-Thank you, that was sweet of you to say.

    ML-Thirty-four kids-wow-that is way tooooooo many in a room!

    Star-Wrong nephew about the swim camp:) He did a bunch of other camps this summer though and we weren't sure how he would do at them. He went rock climbing, hiking, biking, etc... I just took him to the pool to swim the other day. by the way, no pie throwing here because I totally get it's better he is handling at least one of his environments. There was a time when he couldn't hold it together any of the time no matter what environment he was in.

    Linda-Thanks for the kind words, we are enjoying the summer and so needed it.