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  1. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Wee had an incident Tuesday. The speech lady tried to odo more of his language testing. She didn't allow his para to come with him.

    He refused to work, and ended up kicking at the second speech lady.

    I requested the incident report and just got it today. They have created an incident report sheet just for Wee. Complete with his initials on it!

    The top is standard, name, time left class, time returned to class, teacher, location, etc.

    Then they have check boxes for problem behavior (was it physical contact/aggression, harrassment, language, disrespect, etc), Trigger (to obtain peer attention, avoid task, avoid peer, etc), and Administration decision (time in office, loss of privileges, parent contact, suspension, etc).

    Then there is 7 lines to "describe incident in detail", and check boxes for who else was involved (peer, staff, no one, etc), and whether this behavior has happened before or not.

    Its all very standardized except for the customization for Wee.

    And then you turn it over.

    The back is titled Behavior Intervention Plan.

    Interventions to be utilized checkboxes, then it has all of the items from Wee's BIP (redirection, express empathy, invite collaboration, used the mood regulation and a sensory activity (and the sensory activities are listed).

    Then 3 lines for the results of the interventions.

    Then it asks if Wee was not disrupting others, what did you you (allowed space, allowed and alternate seating placement, etc) and a line for results.

    Then it asks if Wee WAS disrupting others, what did you do (offered alternate activity, sensory activity, go for a walk, go back to Mrs SpEd Teacher, initiate alternative discussion) and a line for results.

    The says "in the event of a tantrum/meltdown:
    ask Wee to leave with you
    If he will not leave, clear the room
    Call office
    and has 3 lines. form. But here is the ENTIRE incident description:
    "Wee repeatedly kicked at Mrs X, hit at Mrs Y, and tried to spit on her because he did not want to complete the test. Prior to this he tried to leave the room. This all occurred on the first item on the test."

    It is marked that it was aggression, disrespect, and refusal to work under thhe problem behavior. The trigger was work avoidance. Admin Decision was time in office, loss of privilege, conference, parent contact (which they didn't do).

    Interventions checked are: redirected, expressed empathy, invited collaboration, had a proactive discussion about problem solving.

    The only other item marked is that he WAS disrupting others and she initiated alternative discussion. (except she woudln't let his para go with him because that para would interfere with the I can't imagine there were other children in the room)

    I don't know who came up with the form. It could be a really great tool. As it was used in this instance, it makes my attempt to get useful and timely info from the school a worthless piece of paper that gives no one any information.

    I'm so sick of this.
  2. Wiped Out

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    Ugh! Seriously your school makes me cringe. It just isn't how school should be for Wee (or anyone). Too bad you aren't here-I'd take him in my class when he got to 4th and 5th grade. Hugs.
  3. klmno

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    It sounds like CYAing to me, too. But honestly Shari- they don't know how to deal with him and I don't see that changing. I honestly think you njeed to be thinking on Plan B- what if you can't make things work for Wee in this school?
  4. susiestar

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    It sure sounds like it is time to go to due process or whatever else is available. I don't think that it isn't that they don't know how to handle him, they have been given extensive input from you and they have a sp ed teacher and have had at least one aid (the guy) who could handle him. I think it is time to face the fact that they REFUSE to handle Wee in any way that is remotely appropriate and professional.

    I STILL want to see proof the the principal's certification in restraint techniques. Cause she is going to keep pushing Wee to melt down and then use that as an excuse to say he is violent, restrain him and expel him. That is IF her unsafe restraints don't cause serious injury or even death to Wee.

    They honestly are not able to educate Wee because their own rigid stupidity. At the very LEAST they are very persistent at not getting what Wee needs and at not using those techniques that are in his BIP, IEP, etc to help him. in my opinion this principal has fixated on the idea that Wee is a "bad" kid and that it is all a plot by Wee to do whatever.

    It is time to go and visit the school in the other county. Not just hear about them, go and physically SEE what they do, have, offer, etc.... and then ASK THEM if they have room for Wiz. I still do NOT think the Superintendent was telling the truth back when she told you that the school wouldn't take Wee. The way the discussion with the Super was going it just didn't ring true. Even if they DID tell Super that, they may have room now.

    Either way, at best this school is a holding tank for Wee much of the time because they have NO, ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA intention of teaching him anything until they have "broken" him and made him fit into their cookie cutters.

    If the other school cannot take him, call and see if there are any other schools that might help. Enough of Wee's educational years have been invested in these idiots and their game of blaming the child or the parent for their own stupidity, lack of common sense, refusal to follow the laws, etc.... Heck, for MINOR legal problems they have NO right to tell you that you cannot expect a ten buck and hour employee to handle Wee. If that is true then they ened to pay someone more so that they hire someone who CAN handle him. The cost of the accommodation is NOT to be a consideration in planning and implementing an IEP. We all know that cost is a factor, but it is NOT a legally acceptable excuse for not providing what is needed. Educators are NOT allowed to discuss the costs of supports with parents. Period. So just by telling you that the paras are just $10 hr employees and what do you expect from them was a violation of the federal laws, and of Wee's rights.

    So clearly they refuse to obey the laws (on many many levels). Heck, having you keep Wee home if a teacher or para is out for the day pretty much equals a suspension of Wee, or it would here in OK. There is NO WAY our school could get away with-o counting those days as suspensions. I think the courts in your state would find teh same thing.

    Go find another school. It is highly unlikely that this school will EVER help Wee, and they are doing a LOT of harm to him. One of the giant red flags that should mark the end was when the school's atty was on your side in the IEP meeting. It should be taken as a giant billboard that says that the school is wide open for successful litigation from you.
  5. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I have a meeting with our county case worker and the advocates tomorrow morning.

    My problem with this is the fact the these speech people were A) the same ones that sent him to 3rd grade recess LAST WEEK, one day after he'd had it taken away! And B) they didn't take his para! WHYYYY!????!?!?!

    I can actually see the form being useful, IF it is used correctly. But I don't think its meant to be an "instead of detailed" report....but that's what this lady has done. And now its 2 days after the fact, and here I will be going, trying to get the rest of the story...
  6. HaoZi

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    Shari, do you think it would have made a difference if his para had been allowed to come along?
  7. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I don't know. To my knowledge, Wee has not left the safety of the sped room since the para has been there. But the sped teacher is still very positive about the new para. So I can't say that it would have prevented it, cause I still don't know what this lady can do yet...but what's the point of having her if they don't use her?
  8. Marguerite

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    A point to make to the school - if they had let the para go in with Wee, there would have been an independent witness to what happened to trigger Wee. Because sure as eggs, the SP undoubtedly handled things badly. We know Wee does OK if he's handled right.

    SO - point out to the school that allowing the aide to stay with Wee, is a protection for other other staff, against possible accusations of triggering him or deliberately provoking him. The aide should have been in there. Then at least you would have a better idea of what really happened. Can Wee give you any idea of the sequence of events?