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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by donna723, Aug 19, 2010.

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    I'm planning a trip to Charleston, South Carolina to see my daughter, sister in law, and little baby grandson that I haven't seen since Christmas!

    Even though my retirement isn't quite official yet, I'm on Day Four of Week Three of using up my sick leave before I file my retirement papers, and I'm still getting used to NOT having to plan everything around my work schedule! As soon as my daughter heard I was retiring she started asking me when I was going to come visit. She just called me on her lunch hour and I think we have found the perfect time!

    Her wonderful husband, my sister in law, has just been hired on as a police officer in a small municipality near them, a suburb of Charleston. This is something he's wanted to do for a long time, ever since his grandfather was killed and his grandmother severely injured by a drunk driver. He's been there a few weeks and next Monday will start his nine weeks training at the police academy to become certified. We don't have all the details worked out yet but I will be making my trip in late October so I can attend his graduation from the academy! I'm so proud of him! My daughter is so glad I will be there to see him graduate! They don't have much family near, his mom passed away, no contact with his dad, brother off in the military, so a proud mother in law will have to do - one more for his cheering section!

    Star, I'll hollar at ya! And Janet, you will appreciate this! I guess they don't really know what to do with the new guys before they go to school. So last week and this week they've had him riding along with one of the animal control officers, covering for another officer who has been on vacation, and he likes it so far!
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    I'm reallly happy for you Donna. Things sure have improved in the last couple of years for your family. :D DDD
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    Sounds like a lot of fun!
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    LOL Donna. Good for your sister in law. Charleston is so nice. Hey...ask him what they pay ACO's down there for Jamie?
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    What a great sounding trip! And I'm sure your sister in law will be happy to have a proud mother in law cheering him on.

    I love the way you are embracing your retirement. Especially since it wasn't something you'd originally planned to do at this time. I wonder how many members are enviously reading your posts and picturing the day they too can jump off the career path and have an open schedule for trips such as visiting children and grandchildren lol. Enjoy it. Every bit of it, even the times you're wondering what to do with yourself without the structure of a job. :)
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    What a wonderful way to share in the young couples lives. Good for your s i l. Sounds like a good guy.
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    Wow...this sounds like a great trip all the way around. Maybe you can have a little time alone with your grandson and give them a few hours to go out by themselves to celebrate, too! I bet he will be very happy to have someone come and see him graduate.

    Retirement...such a wonderful thing!!
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    I'm really looking forward to the trip to South Carolina! I haven't seen my grandson since Christmas when he was almost 8 months old. Now he's almost 16 months and running all over the house! They change so fast and I'm missing it all! And yes, I definitely lucked out in the son-in-law department! He's the smartest person I know, very personable, very articulate, gets along with everybody, and he's a kind, decent person and a wonderful husband and father. You have no idea how relieved I was that she found someone like him, considering that when she was a teenager, she managed to bring home the biggest parade of losers imaginable, one after the other.

    This is my third week of not working and I'm seriously wishing I could have done this a long time ago! I haven't done much yet, just little things. May sound stupid but I went to the library, got a card, and checked out some books! I never could do that before because our little library isn't open on Saturdays! But I find myself feeling guilty for just sitting here all day. When the "new" wears off, I will definitely have to find myself something to do! I would have liked to stay but things had just gotten so bad there and it was so frustrating and stressful, I would start getting sick to my stomach on Sunday evenings just knowing I would have to get up and go back in there on Monday morning! It was time to go - I'm just so glad that I could!
  9. donna723

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    Oh, and Janet, my sister in law is not working directly for the city of Charleston. He works for the police department of one of the smaller municipalities that surround Charleston, one of the suburbs. They all run together but there are lots of smaller municipalities that make up the greater Charleston area. They said they just have to remember which streets mark the borders between their juristiction and the next one. I guess it's like that most everywhere now but I much prefer my little town with our two red lights!
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    You have GOT to take him to the Aquarium. It's small, airconditioned.....and just right for a day trip. I love that place. Not outrageous price....the beach isn't a bad drive from their either - you could go to Folly.

    I love Charleston and James Island. I want to see the Angel Tree before I leave here. Oh and take a horsedrawn ride around the battery (say it bat're) and rainbow row>>>>Oh it's lovely I have paintings by a local artist - I think she's in the yellow house Margaret Grimsley - I have three of her watercolors. She's wonderful. Yup - LOVE C-town. Don't care for all the bridges - but other than that? LOVELY -

    HOLLA! - you go girl!
    I have a boston terrier book for you!
    Hugs & Love
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    Hey, Star!

    Check this out ....
    Check out Chopper the Biker Dog as he cruises around on his Harley Davidson motorcycle in Pacific Beach San Diego. Check out Choppers website at - Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood.
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    Yay Donna!