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    FATUATION - n: unwritten rule that you never ever ever ask a woman if she's pregnant.

    SPONGEBOGGED - adj: the inability to record something because the DVR's filled with kids shows.

    RESEMBULLATE - needless act of assessing which parent a newborn baby looks like.

    STAYHOMOPHOBIA - n: fear of having your kids stay home for the entire summer.

    NIGHTCAPPITITE - n: "sudden hunger" portion of child's bedtime procrastination routine.

    MAMIKAZE - n: mom who parties like a banshee on rare occasion away from her kids.

    KIDZOPHRENIA - n: condition where kids plot one another's assassination one second and are best pals the next.

    LULLABYE - BYE - n: process of sneaking from bed of toddler who makes you lie down with them at night.

    SMOOVENIRS - n: guilt gifts you buy your kids when you don't take them with you on vacation.

    DETASTE - v: when a kid hates food they've never tried.

    MANDEMONIUM - n: mayhem and chaos mom finds at home after leaving dad to care for kids.

    SHAMPOON - v: to get out of shower with out rinsing the suds from your hair.

    CONFORENSICS - n: science of piecing together what you did last night at DisneySMMOMs parties.

    ARACHNASPAZ - v: to suddenly flail ones body upon walking into an unseen spider web (that would be me!) :)

    DINKLE - n: liquid burst emitted when kid squeezws their juice box too tightly.

    XOX - (pronounced "zocks") v: ti intentionally loose a game of tic tac toe to a little kid.

    DISCOOLIFICATION - n: parent's gradual transformation from kids hero to kids greatest source of embarrassment.

    GERMANIC DEPRESSION - n:dismay felt by mom when toddler her child has play-date with has cold symptoms.

    WHYARREA - n: a child's string of questions rattled off in rapid-fire succession.

    RADARDIANSHIP - n: parent's responsibility to know whereabouts of all their kid's things at any given time.

    SHOVEBUGGER - n: parent who feels they have right of way at all times because ther are pushing a stroller.

    DOMESTIC VIOLATION - v: danerous, sometimes fatal mistake of referring to a stay at home mom as someone who " doesn't work."

    NAPARALYSIS - n: inability to move when baby falls asleep on you and you don't wanna risk waking him.


    when I get more I'll post more for ya'll
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    MOMAKAZI...........ROCKS......I may get a patch or something because by the time I did get out? I went, I drank, I bombed.....I died. Night over.
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    OH, I loved those new words - I emailed a few to my kids :)
    Thanks :)
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    Got some more for you this morning. :)

    MADDRESS - to refer to a child by his first and middle name in a stern voice, denoting that he's in trouble.

    GARBOFLAGE - to hide kids artwork under other trash in wastebasket so you don't get caught chucking it.

    A.M. FREEZE - when you hear kid stirring in teh AM and you stay queit and still hoping they go back to sleep.

    PROTEXECUTION - n: when a child, or parent, gets injured by a safety feature,

    SILLABUSTER - n: kid who recently learned to talk and dos so nonstop without effort to make any sense.

    SPORTSMANSKIP - child's loss of interest in a sport 2 weeks into the 16 week program he begged to be in.

    APOLOGUISE - v: to force kid to say they're sorry, despite how worthless and insincere the apology will be.

    PILLOWJACKER - n: a child who manages to weasel their way into parents bed.

    PREDADDLE - v: to do week of housework in advance to prepare for husband watching kids while you are away.
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    :rofl: I'm just dying laughing... Especially the sillabuster... because that's JETT! He didn't talk much when I first met him, and since age 7 he's been making up for lost time!