More PUPPIES!!!!

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    My brother just isn't always on top of the facts concerning his border collies. Jake, the one he has had for a long time, is AKC and of course has his "manhood" because no one should mess with-your "manhood" LOL!!

    Then bro was given a female border. She is AKC but the owner moved and didn't leave the papers behind with her. I knew the owner, and saw her papers displayed in his business.

    anyway, a in Feb the female had 10 or 12 puppies. Bro is keeping one, and still has 2 males to get rid of.

    Female went into heat and he "thought" it lasted 14 days. So he kept her separate from other dogs for 14 days. Then he got really really busy and wasn't watching her as closely, didn't notice her gaining weight or anything.

    He heard a noise last night. She had dug a hole and given birth to 9 MORE PUPPIES!!!!

    So he is hustling to get rid of the last 2 males. Drama Queen Lucy wouldlike one, so I will take one to her this weekend or next.

    Then I am not sure what he will do with the other.

    I am, of course, :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: because I strongly recommended getting her spayed, but "dogs can't go into heat that soon, and even if she does I can keep her from getting pregnant."

    Famous Last Words. The puppies are full border collie, because the only male she was around was my nephew border collie.

    Hmmmm..... This is the same Daddy Dog that bro told me wouldn't know what to do with a dog in heat, ROFL!!!!

    Anyone near OK want a border collie around Christmas??
  2. Andy

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    "I can keep her from getting pregnant." Now, if that is not a male quote of the day, I don't know what is.

    How many guys have used that line with their gal of the night? Didn't know it goes over to the puppy world! Doesn't work any better for pets than girls.

  3. Lothlorien

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    Unfortunately, I'm in NJ. I would LOVE one, though. Border Collies and Aussie's are my favs. A friend of mine breeds both and actually wrote books on them. They are great dogs.
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    In response to Andy's comment- let's just say I know of one. And I'm a single parent of a 13yo son, if that tells you anything. Of course, I love him and chose to go this route, so I can't say I wish it hadn't happened.

    Re the pups- I wish I had a big enough yard and could handle one in addition to my two lap dogs! I fostered a border collie once and they are well worth the effort if a person can keep them active enough.
  5. witzend

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    husband got all dewy eyed. I asked him if he wanted three dogs? "No!". End of story!
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    I wanna puppy!!!!
  7. Hound dog

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    Love to have one, but I'm out of room.

    :rofl: about the "I can keep her from getting preggers" part. :rofl:

    If you're not going to spay, then at least know the facts about heat. duh! :rofl:
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    I will refrain from getting on my soapbox and giving my 'spay and neuter your pets' speech until I have more time. Be lookin' for it!
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    I'm with Donna. Sorry, I see no humor in this whatsoever. The poor b-itch didn't have time to recover from the first set of puppies. It drains her of much needed calcium and shortens her life. Tell your darling (said in full sarcasm) brother that he's turning his home into a puppy milll and about the only thing more obscene is a fighting kennel.

    If you happen to have a 2x4 handy, it might be worth hitting your brother with it. "I can keep her from getting pregnant." Nice job, dude! Get that poor dog spayed! And since he has no plans to show or really breed, neuter the male. There is absolutely no excuse. None. Nada. Zilch.

    Okay, Donna, have at it when you get your chance.
  11. TerryJ2

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    Oh, I'd love one! They are so smart. I already have a border collie/collie mix. But we are waiting until spring and don't know which breed yet. Looks like our border collie mix is on her way out ... she's nearly 12 and poops on the floor and doesn't even know it because her lower spine is shot.
    I would get your poor b*tch spayed ASAP.
    And put her on a vitamin regimen.
    Guys. Sigh.
  12. donna723

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    OK, here I go! Stand back!

    Susie, for starters, you can tell your brother that careless, irresponsible 'backyard breeders' like him are the MAIN reason that there are thousands and thousands of unwanted pets in the animal shelters! The puppymills, as horrible as they are, are NOT the reason there are so many dogs in shelters. The puppymills subject their breeder dogs to unbelievable misery and cruelty and then sell their poorly bred, overpriced, often sick puppies to an ignorant public through the pet shops. Awful, but different from the 'back yard breeder'.

    Getting a puppy is NOT something that anyone should do on the spur of the moment. When you give away a puppy to just anyone that will take it, what do you think is going to happen to that puppy? A lucky few will become much loved family members. But many of these people will decide they didn't really want a puppy after all or they didn't realize how much work they are or they don't have the patience to house train a young puppy - then there is one more little puppy in the shelter, one more that will probably be euthanized! Or they will be dumped on the side of the road somewhere to starve or get run over! The vast majority of the puppies from the back yard breeders that end up in shelters will never be adopted - there are simply too many of them and not enough homes - they will be euthanized to make room for still more and more sweet, loving, homeless puppies that no one wants! And there is nothing funny about that! Not even remotely funny!

    And a purebred dog or puppy that is given away to someone you don't know could very well end up living the rest of it's life confined to a tiny wire cage in a puppymill, churning out still more and more puppies! Not all dog registries are as ethical as the AKC - these unscrupulous people can and do "register" just about anything! Or that person getting the "free puppy" could very well be planning to use it as a bait dog in a dog fighting operation. It happens every day and it's sickening!

    There is no logical reason NOT to spay and neuter these dogs! It can be done very reasonabley - he can ask a vet how to get discount coupons from the Humane Society. They make fun of women for 'humanizing' dogs, but that is exactly what your brother is doing by worrying about this dogs 'manhood'! He is not a man, he is a DOG! And as a DOG, he does not have hangups about his 'manhood'! After his one unpleasant day at the vets office is over, he could care less that his little 'danglies' are now gone! His little doggie buddies will not make fun of him or make cruel jokes at his expense! He will not have to go into therapy or think himself less of a dog without them! To leave a male dog unaltered and breeding over and over again, producing puppy after puppy, is totally irresponsible.

    And having one huge litter after another is just literally sucking the life out of that poor little female! Obviously your brother knows nothing about the heat cycles of dogs, so you can almost guarantee the there will be a third litter after this one, and then a fourth! There is no way you can 'watch them' when they're in heat! Male dogs can and will breed through a fence, through the bars of a crate, or rip through a screen door to get to a female in heat! This poor little dogs health will be ruined. Her bones and teeth willl deteriorate to provide the calcium to nurse all those puppies. And the vets now believe that the more heat cycles a female dog goes through before spaying, the greater the chance that they will develop breast cancer which can very quickly spread to the lungs and become fatal.

    It is totally irresponsible to allow these two dogs to go on breeding and breeding. Spaying and neutering your pets does NOT make them fat! It does NOT make them lazy! It does NOT change their personality one iota! There is absolutely no good reason NOT to have these dogs spayed and neutered! If he doesn't care enough about them to do this, maybe he should look in to finding a responsible rescue organization that would take these dogs, see to their medical needs, and then find them a good, loving home.

    And believe it or not, that was the SHORT version of my 'spay and neuter' speech! Sorry if I stepped on any toes, but this is something I'm very, very passionate about.
  13. susiestar

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    Donna, Mb,

    I already KNOW the spay and neuter speech. I have said it so many many times to bro, and to others. When we unexpectedly got Sweetie Pie, and she went into heat before we could get her spayed, we were VERY careful with her. And we went into debt (which we just do NOT do) to get her spayed as soon as she was out of heat.

    The more I say about how hard it is on Roxy, the more my bro will do the opposite of what I say.

    I will do what I can to help this poor mommy dog.

    I was laughing at the sheer idiocy of my bro, NOT at Roxy's plight. I KNOW how hard this is on a mom. Heck, I spaced MY pregnancies farther apart because it was hard on MY body. Can't imagine having kids back to back. I KNOW people do, and even by choice. And for PEOPLE who are doing that, that is their choice. But for mommy dogs, this just isn't right.

    Sorry if I offended anyone with the laughing. It was NOT aimed at the dog's situation. It WAS aimed at my bro.

    I am trying to find GOOD homes for the 2 males that are 7 or 8 months old. The new puppies won't be old enough until Christmas. If I know anyone going up to VA I will let y'all know. Anyone travelling through here, let me know.

    The daddy's bloodlines were researched carefully, so that there was no inbreeding in his line. The mommy is a totally different line. Mommy was bred by bro's best friend. Daddy was from a different breeder because best friend did not have any puppies when bro was ready to get one - it was after he lost his first border collie to a drunk driver. Daddy's family is in a different state, and bro researched the bloodline so that it had no links to his best friend's dogs. So the puppies should have good strong genes, and should be ready around Christmas.

    Being ready around Christmas scares me. I HATE HATE HATE when animals are given as presents, because usually the animals are later abandoned. This is why we still have the cockatiel. It was a "gift" to Jessie, but a commitment from husband and I. WE committed to having the bird. So, we work with it, will happily let another family who really WANTS it have her (esp if she shows that seh wants to be around that person/family), but have turned down 5 families/individuals who wanted her. Two didn't make the check through animal control (one was a hoarder, the other sold animals for science labs), and three families wanted to give her to children about age 6 with NO family commitment behind that. So, I truly understand the commitment, and CRINGE at the thought of these beautiful dogs being given as gifts.

    BUT if any of you are travelling around the holidays and truly want to commit to a border collie (esp if you have had one or fostered one and know what is involved), then PM me.
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    Susie, I wasn't on at you - sorry if I came off sounding like that. I was just trying to give you some ammunition to use on your brother to maybe persuade him ...

    "Two didn't make the check through animal control (one was a hoarder, the other sold animals for science labs)"

    That's AWFUL! How can people be so cruel? Border Collies are such great dogs and are supposed to be the most intelligent breed of dog there is! When I lived in the country our neighbor had a herd of cows and he bought a little Border Collie brother and sister thinking that he may be able to train them to herd his cows. He took them out in his pasture when they were very little just to see what they would do, and to his amazement, they ran right out and started herding up his cows!

    I had the sweetest little girl Border Collie show up in my yard when I lived in the country! She was muddy and dirty and her hair was so thick that I didn't realize that she had a collar on until the next day. She had a rabies tag and I called the vet and got the name of the owner and called her. Turned out she had given the dog to another lady who had begged and pleaded for the dog and said how she would take such good care of her! I called the second lady who turned out to be a dingbat! Apparently she kept the dog in a muddy outside pen with no shelter - the dog dug out from under it and came to my house - ten miles away! I refused to give the dog back to her and the original owner came and took her back home with her. I would have loved to keep her but I already had three dogs and just couldn't afford to care for a fourth.
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    The 2 that didn't make it through were in regard to new families for our cockatiel, not the puppies. Though I gave the science lab weasel's name to my bro (and address and phone number, so he could check those out just in case teh guy called him)..

    I am always furious that some of the college kid want to fund their education buy selling animals to the various labs. Just NOT happening to our animals!!! this is one reason I check with animal control. They are willing to tell you if there has been any public record of problems with animals for a certain person. AND they will "strongly himt" if there are other problems.

    I like our animal control officers. They really really CARE.