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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pnuts, Oct 31, 2007.

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    Yesterday I got difficult child's report card from the (as I like to call it 10 grand train wreck) school. Homework grades not so good. difficult child has done homework everynight that they have sent it home...without even fussing (there is a miracle)...
    Problem is I've spent the past eight weeks begging for them to email it, send it in a sealed envelope, post it on edline...

    Today I talked to a school administrator who said, "It's not on edline? The principle has warned the teachers to put the assignments on there." OMG. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing at my difficult child's expense. He gets lunchtime detentions for not having hw done which usually makes the school day even worse for him.

    I could just scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!! I think I would scream too. :hammer:
  3. Marguerite

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    I'd be really cranky that MY child was being penalised for THEIR lack of organisation.

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    The on line homework experience has been iffy at best here as well. The only thing that seems to work well is if kt's lunch account is low on funds.

    I do know that the CIO of our SD said the on line assignments, report cards & such was a work in progress. Be patient - use email. When kt or wm's assignments didn't show up on line, I'd have the teacher's email me each morning. It helped them because it had been done before the end of the day & it prepped me for what was to come that evening.
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    I would call a meeting with his teachers, educators right away; bring the report card and any notes you have about requests for assignments to be online, etc.
    I'd ask all the teachers in front of the VP or Principal to please either put the assigments online or excuse him from having assignments.
    If you keep a daily log, and write in it "No assignments posted online today" every day they don't have any, then you'll easily be able to show THEIR failure at the next meeting...

    God Bless!