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    easy child just began texting again. SInce the threat at her HS last week, 3 MORE schools as of last nite had threats, none canceled classes, but one did evacuate.....
    the situation has caused some problems, and easy child herself now has been told - her absence due to bomb threat is causeing her to not be permitted now to go to her senoir class day college reg day at her college......could affect sr prom end of this week, and could even create problems in her class as far as possibly being dropped? GRR. The bomb threat absence too her to the limit of absences, nevermind she had mono, pneumonia, docs notes, was on a school trip out of the country, - the bomb threat put her over the limit.
    Turns out 80% of the students at her school stayed home last Fri after the bomb threat that was found on Wed for a bomb for Fri, and then the unexplained electricity outtage there Thurs and the failure of back up generators.
    Worse, a kid was found 2 years ago with a bomb at her school- and less than a month ago a kid was found with a bomb at HS in next town after the elec went off everyone here was understandably freaked.but now those 80% kids are getting backlash for staying home Fri.
    Well, today easy child said they are once again locked IN......cannot leave the classrooms they are in- not forbathroom, not to change classes not for lunch, plus she had makeup work to do due to last Fri..and they are not permitting that, either. BUT so far the school is not telling the kids WHY they are in extreme lockdown. BUT------all the kids did notice they are ALL texting and calling parents and have been since last WED- and while cell phones are NOT permitted at school at all, even the teachers are frantically texting and calling out and not careing at all that all the kids are, too. So- it sounds like since last Wed really, very little education has been able to go on in our district, lots of anger, fear, even some hysteria....a lot of commotion.....

    In our paper this week, there was an article saying some authority has said it is best NOT to evacuate in a bomb threat situation........when I was at police meeting Mon (it is a monthly thing) I asked why that was, but our police chief refused to answer....all he would say was it is not HIS call, it is up to each place where a bomb threat has been made.....the next day in paper, police chief was quoted saying "it is near end of year, kids do not want to be IN school, they want days off"
    THese kids are scared half to much violence, and some so close to them, as it is....and there they are locked IN. :-(

    Of course I do not have any answers, but it sure makes me sad and nervous.
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    Right after Columbine, one of our local high schools had bomb threats every day. And every day they would evacuate and the police would come in and search and find nothing and the kids returned to class. This went on for a month and finally the school said they would no longer evacuate. The police would come in and search while the kids remained in class. By that time they were honing in on the group of kids who were calling in these threats as a prank.

    The day after 9/11, our SD closed because of a bomb threat. When the kids returned the following day, they came home with stories of how there really was a bomb, etc, etc. There wasn't, but rumors start fast - especially among kids. It was a kid that called in that bomb threat, too.

    On the first day of school a few years ago, the high school and an elementary school was closed. The news got it wrong at first and said the district was closed and then later corrected it, but it caused a lot of confusion. My son came home that day saying there had been a bomb at the high school, etc. There wasn't. The high school and elementary school had been without power. Again, just rumors.

    Some people enjoy feeding on the fears of others and that's how these things get started. If there was a bomb threat and the kids are in lock down, it's probably because the police are searching. They have to search no matter what. But, if they felt there was any validity to the threat they would evacuate.

    I would, however, question how they are handling easy child's absence. I know that here if a certain percentage of the school is absent - whether due to illness or whatever - school closes because they aren't able to educate the kids.
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    That's ludicrous. I hope you can get it worked out.
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    the 2 instances where a bomb really was found were documented by police cief to us Mon nite.....had allso been confirmed via newspaper when they occured-- cannot remember exactly when it there is some fear becuz there really have been bombs, not sure how powerful etc...maybe they were relatively harmless, but....
    Many of our kids here had loved ones, family and friends at NIU, too. SO the kids are on edge. Heck so are some of theteachers, and staff....

    I know our HS lost their state money for school last Fri due to how many kids were not there, but had they ASKED parents or teachers, they would have found out that once the elec went off and the generators failed in between them getting the threat and the date of the threat- they would have KNOWN so many kids and staff would not be AT school Friday, anyway.
    I am finding difficulty in school useing the absence due to bomb threat in a punishible manner.....this removes a parents choice to take risks.....or not take risks.....similar to our policy here on snow days etc. Seems the more kids that are absent on such days, the harder the school comes down on kids who did not attend school. Typically when districts all around us close for severe weather, our school does not. They do not have late start due to weather, either...and normal discipline for tardies etc applies. On days when other districts here do call a snow day, we have many car accidents here with kids trying to get to school, and even our busses have severe problems, but our school is hard nosed.

    It all just leaves me unsettled...and seems to me to undermine parents decisions as to safety of our kids.
    The police admitted to us at our police meeting Mon nite that they did not know WHY the elec went off Thursday...yet they put all the kids in the locked gym? when there is an active bomb threat?

    I sure will be glad when this school year is over and I no longer have any kids in this public school system. They have repeatedly shown serious lack of good judgement for years......
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    PS, easy child texted me approx 20 mins ago and they are no longer in total lockdown, no longer confined as much, able to go to next class, BUT they still have not been permitted to go to cafeteria or have lunch.....and they have not been given an explanation. Last week on Wed and Thurs they did have bomb dogs and our local police dog search all lockers, the bldg and all students, but they so far today have not been searched- at least not that they know of (the students) - they have not seen any dogs, have not seen anyone search their lockers and have not had to submit to a search today. - so the kids are not quite sure what is going on today.
    and my paper for today says that the middle school that got a threat yesterday afternoon (half a block from me, where my kids went, where my son would go if not homeschooled) DID evacuate, I guess they DID evacuate one school out of 4 threats this week......they walked the kids next door to the elem school yesterday, according to paper.
    It sure is enough to keep anxiety levels high. :-( what a mess.
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    the lockdown will continue for the rest of this week for sure, and school said possibly till end of year (mid June)
    Prom for this weekend is iffy, now- was to be at this place closer to city...

    The kids have had all zero hour classes canceled, no more after school make up of "specials" like gym, chorus, etc, which leaves kids who had make up work to do left with unfinished work, and grades of "incomplete"
    Any kid not IN their classroom at time of bell is automatic suspension- possible arrest? (yeesh) Lines for bathrooms in between classes are exceptionally long, with a bathroom monitor checking kids into bathroom----NOONE allowed out after class is in session, for ANY reason.....class doors are now locked at bell. easy child is quite angry, has her monthly, waited in line between classes, but had to leave without tending to "business" becuz if she had not left, she would have been tardy- so- she is angry, she had an accident....(their bldg is 4 stories, and they have classes on all 4 levels) They are NOT conducting gym classes, and have changed schedule so ALL students have lunch at same time, but now they found out the cafeteria does not HOLD all the students. They stopped the ala carte lunches and removed the vending machines.....the kids are locked out in morning, must enter at one entrance, and are now subject to body search when entering. After beginning bell, NOONE is allowed in bldg, doors are locked.
    easy child is quite upset, anrgy, frustrated- she still had makeup work left, her teachers had been giving her difficulty re make up work from when she was in Ireland and now, makeing up the work is no longer possible. ANd the senoirs only have 2 weeks left of school, and even on normal times, makeup for gym, chorus, computer and make up tests were only allowed on Tues and Thurs, anyway.....and only dureing zero hour or dureing Tues or Thurs detention.
    I have not confirmed yet if the whole district is now on lockdown, but, the kids think so. It is unclear whether they got a new threat at the HS for today or not.....but it sure is complicating things badly. :-(
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    Just my .02 for what it's worth, you can take it or leave it as you wish. My sister had issues with her boy's high school kind of similar to what you are going through about 3 years back now (they are grown and out). Step one, write a letter to the superintendent of schools stating your concerns about your daughter's situation (i.e. stating the problem) and what has taken place and the unfairness to her specifically but you could also mention that there are others (they are going to have to do this on case by case basis perhaps). Then ask for what you would like him to do about it (do you want them to allow her more time to make up, opportunities, to be able to just do the activities period, etc. - i.e. tell him the solution YOU want to the problem). Definitely send it certified return receipt!

    Step two, take a copy of that letter to the media and alert them to the situation that has been going on at the school (this is called putting pressure on the superintendent to act or school board). Yes, I understand it also gives "exposure" to those who may be doing the threatening and they really don't want that but unfortunately they ARE punishing ALL the innocent kids otherwise and giving no recursive actions to help or protect THEIR rights! When you go to the media you can always ask them not to use your name (even if you show them the letter) but that you wanted to bring this to their attention and wanted to bring proof as well to what harm it is doing to the children (your child). You will also be explaining all the other things that have been happening on a daily basis and will now continue. They are denying your daughter's basic needs (the bathroom situation) which is unhealthy. UNACCEPTABLE!! in my humble opinion :(

    Keep us updated please!

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    I have made so much "noise" already within this district, due to difficult child and my son and how school handled (or did not handle) their disabilities etc....and even in due process, the hearing officer even said this school is ust NOT going tolisten, which is why I homeschool my 2 special needs kids-----(it was mostly on due process hering officers reccomendations).
    BUT becuz this is a dire situation, extreme circumstance, due to the bomb threats, it is the entire district, as it turns out...(my son talked to HIS friends from middle school this evening, and their school is also in strict lockdown) I have alerted our county and community newspapers, and our local tv news...BUT they have an unofficial stance on issues such as this and seldom report anything "negative" at all. Our state rep resides in our town and has 2 kids in our our state rep also is aware of what is going on....and PCs "Big SIster" is our town attorney- and she is also aware.....but everyone is saying due to the extreme circumstance, this is simply what the school feels is best?
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    Ok, how about upping the anty? Go national!! :) Contact Good Morning America or the likes! They take interest in things like this often. I know they picked up a story from a local story around here. It's worth a shot. It's public interest. It will force your local people to stop hiding or covering it up.