More treats for Cloe and neighborhood drama

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    As you may recall, I had taken Cloe with me through the DQ drive thru and she got her own ice cream. Tonights quisine was Long John Silver's and guess what she got? Yup. Hush puppies! This is her after her feast and she decided that she quite enjoys being chauffered around and fed such gormet fixins.

    Star, if you notice, she has a pink leopard print leash.

    Now, on to the drama. I'm coming home and driving down the main street that mine T's into, I can see a police car up ahead with it's lights on. People speed down this street so I just figure that someone got pulled over. I get up there and it's a police SUV and just down the street is another police car. Both have their lights on but nothing seems to be going on. I get to my street, turn and notice that my neighbor and some other lady are standing outside. When I asked her what I missed, she tells me that she saw some guy slinking around her backyard and then took off when he saw cops. Siiiiiiiiiiiigh. Alright fine. Whatever.

    So then after pulling into the drive, I am wrangling my huge purse, two drinks and a large bag from LJS as well as Cloe's leash. My neighbor across the street (E) is also outside along with the father (T) of his (E's) roommate (B). T and B aren't the sharpest tools in the shed nor are they the most socially adept and honestly, I try to avoid conversations with them as much as possible. (T doesn't live there but is at E's all the time it seems). Anyhoo, E and T have seen me pull up, so they come over. Yesterday evening I had gone to the neighbors (next door that had the guy in their yard..........still with me? LOL) to give them checks for fundraising stuff I had ordered off the kids. She (also not the brightest bulb) had told me that she had found a dog on her paper route and brought it home. She wanted to keep it but had put an ad in the paper and the owner called. There was something mentioned about "they" not giving the dog back to her so she could return it but I didn't quite catch that part of the story. When she tells stories, she does much better with shorter ones and I wasn't quite sure who she meant by "they". So while I'm standing there trying not to spill pop all over myself and keep and eye on Cloe so she doesn't wrap the leash around me, T launches into his own story. According to HIM, the neighbor lady offered him the dog but then turned around two hours later and told him he needed to give it back because the owner wanted it back. Just this part of the story takes a good five minutes with another five or so devoted to him telling me what he wanted me to do. (basically watch the lady's back yard to see if she had kept this dog.) No idea what T plans on doing if she DOES still have the dog but he's bound and determined to find out if she has it. (E didn't say a word the entire time so I have no idea what his thoughts are. I'm guessing similar to mine although he's more used to dealing with their stuff than I am)

    I am SO not getting involved in whatever this is but this street just drives me INSANE!!!!
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    Okay as President of the Cloe fan club THAT picture is going to work and it will be on the board next to Pooties and Tinks. I get compliments on my "girls" all the time.

    As far as the man in the back yard - I would bet it was a friend of T's trying to see if the dog was there and when she screamed or whatever he took off.

    I would if asked again ENCOURAGE the dog to be returned and then tell her the story of the Pootie. We are so grateful to have her back. I hope your neighbor does the right thing. And......if I were her - I'd tell T to tell her what the owners name and number is so she can call herself. There is PROBABLY a reward for the dog and T is the kind of person that would actually TAKE such a thing. In the dog world that's bad manners.

    E sounds like the brother Randy on My name is Earl. OH Dear - you live in Indiana? Not South Carolina? I'm amazed. Ask T if he's from SC.

    Pretty in Pink Cloe.......her auntie wuvs her, does, does does ~ Okay Cloe AND the lipstikk picture are going to work because the lipstikk picture is Casper.
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    Cloe will be pleased.

    As for the comparison of E to Randy? LMBO!!! He's actually quite normal and I don't know how he puts up with it all. B works for him sometimes and earlier this summer, my car konked out on me. Fortunately it was 1/2 a block from E's work so after I called the tow truck, he gave me a ride home. *snort* He made B ride in the back of the truck so I could sit up front and not be squished between them. (He knows my opinions of his roomie!! LOL)
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    Cloe is beautiful.......yesh she is.........her deserves hush puppies.........and ice cream........and leapord print leashes.........smooch.....smooch.

    Lord, I'm grateful my block is quiet. :D I'd encourage her to return the dog too. For pete's sake if why else would you put an ad out for the owner?? duh

    Miss Molly was treated to fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and corn bread tonight. Then had her canned food. Then thought she was gonna eat Betsy's share of fried chicken ect until dear ol' meanie Mom seperated them. :rofl: But while she got tiny portions of the meal, I'm not letting her have enough to put back on all that extra weight she lost.