More ughhhh news. Sigh.

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. DammitJanet

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    It appears that Mandy is pregnant. I am so not thrilled. 6 weeks or so they say.

    Cory did say he is going to get a blood test and I hope he means it. I truthfully dont know that I trust her completely because she spends an awful lot of time with her old boyfriend when Cory isnt home and its awful funny that they havent turned up pregnant before now. Im not 100% certain Keyana is really Cory's but by now we dont care, we have convinced ourselves she is.

    Oh well, such is life.

    Maybe I will get my Scott. Cory has promised me if its a boy Scott will be at least part of the
  2. HaoZi

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    Does he have or is he making a plan on what to do, either way, when he gets the DNA results?
  3. susiestar

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    WOW. That's interesting timing. I hope he does get a DNA test because otherwise you will be tied to Mandy forever. She is NOT going to let him have time with the baby, or let you, unless she is getting what she wants from him and $$ from you. I hope the DNA test happens, if the child isn't his then he tosses her out, and if it is he goes to court and files for custody (at least shared custody). WIth shared parenting each parent pays half and the child spends half the time with each parent unless one is unfit. in my opinion Mandy will not want to be around Cory if they are not a couple or he sets any limits on her and might walk away. She will also be terribly jealous of EVERYTHING that you do, say, give, etc... to Keyana or Haillie. More than now even. in my opinion she got preggo to bind one of the men to her - cory or the ex. EIther the ex said to leave and she really wants him or she thinks Cory is seeing through her and watns to blind him again.

    Either way, I hope the new grandbaby is a delight and she isn't a monster to you and Cory.
  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Ugghhh is right. Let's hope it's not the real deal.

    If she is preggers I hope the new grandbaby is a joy........and a scott lol

    As for the DNA bro has raised an entire family of kids that weren't his biologically. Eldest was from his wife at the time's 1st husband....bro adopted him at 9 months, when his wife was 9 mos preggers with child 2 whom she claimed was bro's. Child number 2 is no way shape or form bro's child, there is no mistaking it. She's a great kid, but looks nothing like her bio mom or bro. Child 3 the wife got preggers with suddenly when bro was 1. finally wising up to leave her and 2. when he'd just spent 3 months on the road and there was no way in hades the kid could've possibly been his. But by that time wife had figured out the way to keep bro around was via kids he adored......bro will NOT abandon a child. Third child is no doubt NOT bro's child. I suspect she shares a bio dad with child 2.....One never knows. Bro's 1st wife got around far too much.

    Bro will not admit even to himself that those kids aren't his bio kids, including the eldest whom he adopted at 9 months of age. He knows, I know he has to be utterly blind not to see it, but he will NOT admit it. It let 1st wife use him for another 4 yrs until he finally wised up for good. Took another 5 yrs for him to gain full custody of youngest before wife totally destroyed her life as she had the siblings.

    This is why I hope it's a false alarm. I'm with Susie, a baby would tie Cory to Mandy forever..........and that soooooooo would not be a good thing for either Cory or a baby. ugh

    Weren't you getting ready to force them to move out? Could this baby be to stop you from doing that?

  5. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    That's what I was thinkg Hound Dog. People like Mandy are opportunists and manipulators. I know "her" because I have GFGmom....after forty plus years...I know. DDD
  6. donna723

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    Awww, Janet .... sigh!

    I know if I were you, I'd be counting back the weeks to see if Cory was even around then ... :sigh: ... but you've probably already done that!

    Since Mandy doesn't exactly have a reputation for being truthful, honest and mature and seems to be only out for what she can get :money: there may be a very good chance that this is NOT Cory's baby! He would be very wise to get a DNA test! Is there any possibility that there's NOT really a baby, that this is another creative bending of the truth by Mandy, for whatever reason?

    At best, it will turn out NOT to be Cory's and maybe this will finally be enough to make him kick her to the curb. But if it is, you could end up with another little Keyana or finally get your Scott! Not so bad.
  7. JJJ

    JJJ Active Member

    Ugh. Really hoping she's made this whole thing up.
  8. Steely

    Steely Active Member

    Good Grief!
    I will be praying Cory follows through on the blood test.
  9. dashcat

    dashcat Member

    Oh boy. Keep us posted.
  10. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Well, I know there IS a baby because she has been sick for a few weeks now and Cory finally took her to the ER on Saturday because none of us really thought the girl could get pregnant so we thought there was something really wrong with her. There is. She is pregnant. Now if they are wrong about the dates and she is actually 8 weeks pregnant that would put her getting pregnant during the time Cory was away when my Dad died. Cory was gone from Dec 1 through Dec 8th. She found out of Feb 5. That is exactly two months. Maybe she consoled him

    I dunno. I do know that I cant do as much for another one as I do for Keyana. I simply cant. I dont do as much for Jamie's kids as I do for Keyana. Mandy better get a good job and let Cory be the stay at home dad because he simply isnt in any physical shape to go out and do hard labor and he isnt trained to do anything else. She has been in college now for quite some time so she better figure something out. As of right now, she doesnt know what she is taking classes for. Time to figure it out. I cant raise another one. And I wont unless someone signs it over to me with papers.

    Sheesh...just what I needed.

    At least with this girl Billy is interested in they are coming half grown and the girl is a normal woman. Actually I think she is going to take good care of Billy. She likes to clean and cook (whew!) and she will get an Army disability pension which will be a huge financial relief to them. She has a dtr the same age as Keyana too.
  11. dashcat

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    Well, things are about to change for Mandy in a big way. It's time to pull on her big girl panties and begin the very foreign practice of putting someone else first.
  12. AnnieO

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    Oh Janet... Hugs, hon. I am hoping, praying, rattling beads that DNA shows it isn't Cory's... 'Cause then he might just have to wise up. on the other hand... Sigh. You know of all people I think this is super unfair...
  13. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I am willing to bet that part of it is that she is worried you will push her/them to move out. I hope she does support Cory and let him be a SAHD - I think cory might be a great one. As for what she wants to study, she better pick soon. I have a feeling she thinks she can get YOU and Tony to support her and the child, as well as to get free stuff from a lot of charities and social services.

    I hope the grandbaby is a delight to you. If it isn't cory's I pray he gets a DNA test to prove it. Heck, if he doesn't ask for it maybe YOU and Tony should as mother and baby will be living in YOUR home on YOUR dime. You might have to explore that delicately though because it might get Cory's back up. but if she got preggo while he wasn't even in town, I would think he would want one. Heck, I wanted my exSIL to get one because I am NOT sure that niece shares our DNA. Her mom just has too bad a reputation.
  14. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Wow...this is SO not what Cory needs right now. Or you, or Tony...

    I hope Cory follows through on the blood test.
  15. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I dont know. Now that I have counted the weeks more accurately, I think the baby was conceived either Xmas weekend or New Years Eve weekend and I absolutely know where they were then...sigh. I may have had video evidence of the child's conception..ick! Cory borrowed my camera for what I thought was benign purposes and I got it back while they werent home. I was cleaning the SD card off so I could shoot video's of Keyana's dance class and was shocked to find porno video's and pics of those two on there in between my pics of Keyana at Xmas and playing in the snow! Yuck yuck yuck! I couldnt delete fast enough. However, Cory thinks I saved the things in a special password protected file so I have him blackmailed...lmao. He doesnt want Mandy to know we know about them! We just make veiled comments about them from time to

    I dont know what is going to happen. They are looking for a place to move to. It has to happen. Also both of them are going to have to quit smoking pot completely. I have put my foot down on that. She isnt going to carry that baby and smoke pot or drink anything. Im not as adamant about the cigs. I have told her the doctors are going to be testing her and they will alert CPS if she tests hot. If they want a healthy baby, this has to happen. I dont want to have to deal with a baby with health problems. I have no doubt we will end up doing quite a bit of helping with this baby too. Cory really wants a boy but Keyana wants a She only has brothers. I will really be interested in how she handles Cory having another baby to be honest because she is used to being the only one here. I think she is going to be mighty jealous of one who gets to stay here and she goes home. I know its going to cause problems with Keyana's mom because she is going to get mad about money not going to Keyana but Tony and I make sure Keyana wants for nothing. I spend probably 3 or 4 times a month what Cory could ever be expected to pay in child support but he isnt under a support order because he is on disability. Heck, we are spending over almost a hundred bucks this weekend to take Tony, Cory, Keyana and her brother Cameron to the circus. It will cost over a hundred when we add in all the food and souvenirs. And we wouldnt dream of just taking Keyana without taking her brother even though he isnt our grandson because how fair is it for her to get to go to fun stuff and he has to sit home and just know she goes? That isnt right. He was thrilled to know he was going too. Keyana's other grandma was so happy we thought to do that.

    I guess its good that Keyana will be 5 when this baby is born. Mikey will be 2 so maybe Jamie can send down his crib. He should be out of it by then and ready for a toddler bed. I have Keyana's toddler mattress if they need to use his crib mattress for the toddler bed. Ugh. Already
  16. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Janet, my daughter was five when my son was born and she was so used to being an only child by that time and I was worried about jealousy issues. But girls are in such a "little mother" stage at that age! As soon as her brother came home from the hospital she announced that he was "hers" and she loved helping to take care of him. Wasn't long before that kid could change a diaper as well as I could! So Keyana just might surprise you!
  17. dashcat

    dashcat Member

    Bless you for taking Keyana's brother to the circus when you take her. That is so thoughtful and wonderful. I pray this baby is healthy and that Mandy straightens up her act.
  18. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Praying that Mandy straightens up her act. Sorry about the videos/pics of the 2 of them. in my opinion that was INCREDIBLY rude and inconsiderate and there is NO EXCUSE. I wouldn't let them use my cameras anymore for anything ever. Not after that!! They could have at least downloaded them onto their own computer or SD card or something. YUCK!

    Praying for a happy healthy baby. Jessie was 4 1/2 and also claimed Tyler and actually WANTED, DEMANDED to change diapers. It was one of the funniest arguments we ever had with her. She was just adamant that she be included in everything that had to do with caring for him except cleaning messy diapers - but even then she thought she had to be right there to make sure I did it right. She had a huge fit one day when husband changed thank you and she thought he didn't clean thank you "properly" because he used a warm wet cloth instead of a wipe. thank you had a rash because some medicine and we had to not use wipes but seh thought it was just plain not acceptable, lol!!

    Keyana will have some jealousy, but will also love the baby.

    You are super sweet to take her brother with you to do things. You are right that it isn't fair. Same reason that I always take or send extra treats to school in case another mom has to bring a younger child to a party. You are a really good grandma - it is a dang shame Billie does all she can to make sure you cannot enjoy her kids.

    If there is anything except prison that can make Mandy grow up it will be motherhood. It can be a pretty powerful force for change. You may want to consider anonymously warning her doctor to regularly test her for pot if you suspect she is using. Same for alcohol. Around here they will put you in jail if you use repeatedly while pregnant. Not always, but if you end up in court and don't follow the rules and stay clean you don't get too many chances.
  19. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    What helped with my daughter too is that I tried to make her a part of it even before he was born. I let her go to some of my doctors appointments with me and she got to hear his heartbeat and was just fascinated by the whole thing! This was back before you knew beforehand if it was a boy or a girl so after he was born, we called my brothers house where she was staying and told her first, before anybody, that she had a little brother! And what's so funny, even now that her "little" brother is 6'5" and thirty years old, she is still very protective of him and if anybody ever wanted to mess with her brother, they'd have to go through HER first!
  20. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I never had jealousy issues with my kids when new babies came along. Although Travis was so determined to have a baby sister that I worried how he may react had Nichole been a boy. But I had the opposite to pry the kids AWAY from the new baby. lol

    easy child had no issues with Darrin either..........or with Brandon when Connor came along. Those 3 boys adore each other. Aubrey is a tad confused that cousin is NOT the same as brothers lol. Cuz she tells everyone they're both.

    Aubrey is so excited over the new baby it's not funny and Nichole is including her in everything she possibly can. Since she's not on medications this time she plans to breastfeed. WIC up there had classes for it and the local hospital also does and Nichole signed them up for both cuz the hospital one has a class for Aubrey to take her baby doll too. lol I told Nichole that Aubrey is helping to kick off the Mommy N Me thing with the crocheting outfits for the new baby and her doll that look alike. I may drag out the sewing machine at some point........but me and those teeny seams don't get along well.

    I don't think Keyana will have to big an issue with a new sib. She's got brothers already. And she's at the prime "mothering" age.

    Sorry had to do the eww eww ewww thing over the video tape right along with you. *shudder*

    Only issue I've seen with the grands is over Katie's kids oddly enough. They really like their cousins, honestly they do. But what they don't sharing their Nana with their cousins. That is another ball of wax all together. Aubrey and Darrin are both having issues adjusting to this. lol

    Well, guess so much for hoping it's not cory's. Push them out asap. Here there is an organization called the pregnancy center which helps low income families with furniture, birthing classes, and clothing ect that has been donated. You could call community action and see if you have something like that around there.