More vehicular drama, and I am tired...

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    About a month ago, we got Miss KT a Saturn, because I wanted the truck back before my knee surgery so I'm not trapped at home. She loved the car, and life was beautiful...for about two weeks. Apparently a little red light came on on the dashboard, and instead of asking anyone about it, she just kept driving. She and Useless Boy took it in, got an oil change, and discovered there was NO OIL in there. I get a hysterical phone call, she brings it over, takes MY car, I call the guy I bought it from, he comes and gets it, does several different things to it, but it's beyond saving. Drive it till it dies. She comes over, we trade cars back, life goes on.

    This morning, she appears, all fired up because her car is making funny noises. I tell her to drive it till it dies. Then my mother gets into the act, comes by, fuss and bother, and happens. Miss KT's car blows up while she's driving. She's crying hysterically, I tell her to call AAA and tow it home. Now I have a dead Saturn sitting out front, and I don't know what to do with it. We scraped to buy the dumb thing, I can't afford to have it fixed, but I can't leave it sitting for too long or I'll get a ticket or get it towed and I can't afford that either.

    I know she's a difficult child, but wouldn't you think she would at least ASK about the red light? Sigh...she probably thought, "Oh, pretty!" I'm even too tired to be royally p'd off.

    Just got a message from her. To add insult to injury, she has to go pick up her new glasses, but she wants my mother to drive her, because she has my truck, and she wants to save gas. Hello? If you hadn't run the Saturn dry, you'd be saving LOTS of gas!!!
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  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'm so sorry she's being that way! Maybe she needs to start taking the bus. Or riding a bike. Or walking. Lots of people get by without a car. Heck, I commuted 15 miles each way to college on the county bus because my car wasn't always reliable.

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    Mary, I think the time has come to take back your truck.
    If difficult child toasted her new car in a matter of WEEKS??!! Then clearly she's not ready to have a car. She can get a bike to ride, or maybe save up for one of those little Vespa scooters or something.

    You need your truck and you should have it.

    (Sorry if I come across as harsh. difficult child-entitlement is really getting up my nose these days. Mine OR someone else's)
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    Trinity, I agree wholeheartedly with you about the entitlement thing. If she was still living at home, she could walk to school or take the city bus. Being at my mother's means it's too far to walk (about 10 miles) and no bus service. The question I want my truck back badly enough to have her come back home? I really don't. I'll recover from my surgery much better if there are no fights and fussing going on around me.
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    A-ha. Now THAT makes sense to me. A drama-free recovery.
    (Maybe difficult child can keep the truck, and when you have enough for a new car it can go to you!)