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    I can't wait for tommorrow. difficult child has been so wound, this morning he was tormenting easy child, he pretend sneezed in her hair and the war was on. :soapbox: I finally got to the point to take easy child to school, and my car would not start. Took husband car, it was almost out of gas. Went and bought gas and barely got easy child to school on time. My mom's car is acting up and husband is stumped. Made an appointment to take it to mechanics tommorrow. Jump started my car, took it to test the starting system, and could it just be battery??? NO. It needs a starter. I would ask what is next but I do not want to know as this is also finals week. I took a test yesterday, and have another Thursday. I also have jury duty for 2 weeks. Thankfully I did not have to go today, and they did excuse me from Thursday's so I can go to my final.
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    I'm sorry about the horrible morning. I hate it when days start out like that.

    The other day while taking Travis to work my car starts making this high pitch screaming sound. So I pray all the way home it won't quit on me. I get sister in law over to look at it, thinking the car is gonna die on me. (it's 10 yrs old) I'm lucky it's just the brakes again. (changed them 3 times in the 4 yrs I've owned the car)

    This is were I know I'm lucky. sister in law does all my car repairs at just cost of parts. Still is going to run me about a 100 bucks I don't have, but way cheaper than taking it to a shop.

    I hope the rest of your day vastly improved.


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    Deep breaths! Inhale..............exhale. Repeat.

    At least your not You'll get through it and you'll be able to relax after this week. Chances are that jury duty will get canceled for you by next week. That's what happens in NJ. If you aren't called in the first few days, they usually just tell you that your done.

    Treat yourself to a nice warm bubble bath tonight.
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    HUGS For the non-start, start to your morning.

    Hope you're up to speed again - for tomorrow.

    I HATE car problems.
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    YUCK! So sorry your day is so poopy!!!
    Plus you have the storms from hades up there in Oregon!!! I hope you are not affected by that too!!!

    May tomorrow be a better, happier day!!!!