Most stressful jobs list

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    I don't know if I agree with the list 100% but if people working with kids and dysfunctional families are at the top of the list, it's no wonder that mothers of difficult children are pulling their hair out. LOL! After all, parents are the ones the difficult child is sent back to at the end of the day and are the ones with the emotional investment.
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    And this is exactly why I am losing my therapist! She cant handle her job anymore. The stress is killing her. She is such a good therapist because she actually cares about her clients but that also makes her too emotionally invested in us. She is now going to be working as just a person who does assessments. I know she will be great at that but I will miss her. She also has fibro and the stress of dealing with a bunch of mentally ill folks cant be doing her any
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    I expected nursing to be in the top ten........actually thought it would be higher than number 4 as it has a nasty reputation for breaking up marriages as well.

    This is why when easy child works she calls me the moment she pulls out of the hospital parking lot. She destresses with me during the half hour drive home from work. She can vent to me and knows I get it, won't take it personally. It helps her to put it behind her by the time she walks into her front door. I've noticed after a particularly bad night it seems to take her much longer to get home. lol
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    I can understand why teaching is on there. Schools are expected to take on more and more, and so much emphasis is placed on test scores that teachers no longer have time to teach anything that isn't on the test. In our district, they're starting to standardize everything, so all teachers teach the same thing on the same day. Drives me nuts. When do you find time for the interesting tidbits that catch their attention, like the fact that paper was a luxury in early America, so there was no toilet paper, and people used corn cobs instead? And that there was no running water, so the toilet was outside next to the barn? And you only took a bath once a week, washed clothes once a week, and you carried in the day's water in big buckets?
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    Interesting that all of the jobs listed involve being at the beck and call of other people who are not at their best when they are dealing with the workers.
    All of the customers are hungry, sick, irritable, functionally impaired or working through difficult life circumstances. The workers who are serving them have to deal with people who are in a state of misery, and have to react to them rather than being able to set the pace.

    In my book, that's the definition of stress.

    Funny -- my line of work is considered to be very high stress, but the key for me is that I am responsible for determining the scope and direction of my own work and that of my teams. Yes, I have to react to things, but ultimately the work overall is under my direction, not the other way around. I think it makes a difference.