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    On Tuesday difficult child saw the new therapist. I think it will be a good fit. We mostly did the intake process with difficult child's personal history. We didn't get finished, but she had an opening on Thursday so we go back in tomorrow. Then I called the neuropsychologist's office and verified the appointment for difficult child at the end of the month... and it is on and she said they got insurance approval for the consult!! I thought I would have to fight the state insurance to get difficult child seen. We have only seen licensed social workers and the nurse ARNP since she was in foster care 8 years ago.

    There are only 4 neuropsychologist's in our half of the state - and only this one sees children - AND she is a provider on the insurance list! The office personnel said that if she wants to do testing, we will probably have to fight the insurance company to get it approved. Sounds like they are used to appealing ins decisions.

    I saw my therapist on Monday for the second time. He felt I should be on an antidepressant - so when I saw my family doctor yesterday, she started me on Lexapro - something I took while the grandchildren were in foster care and things were bad. It helped then - but I took it last night - and have felt miserable all day. My mouth and teeth feels "funny" and I was yawning all the time. Just wanted to curl up and sleep. This happened once before with a different medication. Not sure I can take this. It is 10mg - I might call and ask the pharmacist if I can cut the pill in half and check with doctor about doing it.

    Next week, difficult child sees the ARNP for a monthly recheck on the new medication she is taking (Seroquel XR) After my weird reaction to my medication, I am wondering how she feels... this is the third medication for her this year. She isn't really complaining, but it is almost impossible to get her to get out of bed on school days.

    I am still going to the NAMI classes - but will miss a few coming up - as I have shoulder surgery next week. I hope things go smooth at home while I am recovering. We have actually had a couple nice days with difficult child! KSM
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    Wow, you've been busy. I am glad things are looking up. I hope they make a good connection and you start to feel better on your new medications soon.
    Best of luck with your surgery. Yuck, I've had shoulder stuff, no fun.
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    Sounds good. Enjoy every peaceful good minute! Hope all continues to go well for you.