mother in law is scandalized over her mother in law and her boytoy

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  1. SuZir

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    And I'm so full of schadenfreude (it's odd that you don't have your own, authentic word for this basic emotion in English) that I just have to share my mirth with you.

    My husband's granny, who spends her winters in Southern Europe because the weather, has been a widow a long time. Last three years, to my knowledge, could be a little longer, she has had a gentleman friend from the country she spends her winters. They have their separate condos in same building but spend most of their time living together. Somehow no one has remembered to mention my mother in law about this gentleman friend her mother in law has. So she has been robbed from the opportunity to be scandalized and worry about her mother in law's money.

    But now husband's granny is taking her man with her to visit home, so no hiding the fact from mother in law. And mother in law is seriously scandalized. She thinks husband's granny is going senile, thinks it's indecent, thinks that this guy is trying to rob granny's money etc. And she certainly isn't approving. We just came home from dinner with my in-laws and my difficult child certainly wasn't making it better. mother in law can't understand how we others have known about the granny's friend and even met him and no one has told her and wanted to know everything about him. difficult child was happy to help and told freely about the guy (difficult child has met him twice and heard about him from his great-granny.) difficult child certainly does have mother in law's number and he really knew what to tell her. He didn't exactly lie, he was just choosing truths carefully. So now mother in law is totally beside herself because some younger boytoy gigolo is conning Granny money that should go to her (if granny would just understand to go on and die like people should do in her age.)

    Granny's gentleman friend is indeed around decade younger than granny, but as she says, when you hit your nineties, to find a guy who is not senile or in diapers, you just have to go cradlerobbing. And indeed he is Southern European. And also a widower and able to support himself just fine. They are not planning marriage because they don't want legal or financial ties and make their estates messy, but they enjoy each others company and are very happy they have found a new love in their elderly days.

    I can't wait them coming. Not only I'm waiting seeing Granny who is one cool chick and whom I adore, I'm also waiting a showdown between her and my mother in law. I have no doubts that Granny will be able to put mother in law to her place very swiftly. And that is something I will not want to miss in a million years.
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  2. Star*

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    If you're selling tickets to the Battle Royal? Put me down for two. She sounds like a hoot.
  3. DammitJanet

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    I want to be more like Granny! 90 and a cougar? GO GRANNY!!
  4. InsaneCdn

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    A 10-year gap at 90? That ain't cradle robbing.

    Cradle robbing is where you chose a mate who is less than two thirds of your age. So... a 27 year old marrying an 18 year old would be cradle robbing, a 45 year old marrying an 35 year old is not, and... a 45 yo (or 55 yo) with an 18 yo is... extreme!
    90 yo and 80 yo? That's practically "from the same class"!

    Oh, and this whole "English" word thing? Well, you see, "English" isn't a language like most culturally-based languages are... not like French, or Spanish, or Cantonese. It's a cobbled-together mishmash of words from dozens of other languages. Where a "foreign" word has just the right definition... we use it. If THAT doesn't work - we just make up new words!
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    I love your granny already. I have been with my SO for about 18 years. When my mother first found out about him, she assumed he was much older, and told me she was releived I had finally found someone to "take care" of me. When she found out he was 10 years younger, and I met him on the internet, she was beside herself and looked at me like I was a child molester. At first, he was after my boys to molest them, when that didn't drive a wedge into our relationship, he was after me for my money. She worked long and hard at trying to break us up for years, actually insulting him to his face. He keeps telling me he is hanging around to see where I stash all this "money" I supposedly have LOL

    At the time he was 33 and I was 44. I did feel a bit odd at the time - after all, when I was having a baby at 19, he had not even hit puberty yet.:) But life is short and should be lived in what ever manor that makes you happy. Keep us posted on the big meeting :)

  6. InsaneCdn

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    Marcie... by the "rule of thumb", you were STILL not a cradle-robber... he was more than 2/3 of your age. And the gap closes as you get older... <wink>
  7. Lothlorien

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    She sounds like an awesome lady, who is not willing to sit in a wheelchair and rot away in her old age! Good for her! I'm liking her too!
  8. donna723

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    I say HOORAY FOR GRANNY! Way to go! I think I envy her and I hope I'm that lucky when I'm her age!
  9. witzend

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    I'm thinking that you should have giant picnic or potluck (or in your mother in law's honor could we call it a "poutluck"?) and invite all of your CD friends! I'll bring popcorn for after the meal, and we can all just sit and watch the fireworks! ;)
  10. DDD

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    I'm all in favor of happy satisfied senior citizens. DDD
  11. Hound dog

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    OMG! Will Granny adopt me?? I don't give a hoot about her money, I love her attitude!! :flirtysmile3:

    I'd 4 ring side seats please. One for me and 3 for my girls. :rofl:
  12. SuZir

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    Granny really is one special lady. I want to become like her, when I grow up. She has had a long and eventful life, has seen it all and it has made her very understanding and compassionate to other creatures in this planet. She is one of the bravest people I know, has always done what is needed and never let fear decide for her. She is not foolhardy, mind you, but very, very brave. And while she has never been afraid to get her hands dirty and start working, she is, always has been and always will be a fine lady and it really shines through. Some people just have that innate poise and decorum that is difficult to describe but easy to see and she has that in tons.

    To be honest, I have tried to coax her to write her memoirs, if not for public, just for the family. It would be invaluable for my kids and their cousins and second cousins to learn more from this lady.

    I would love to give you ring side tickets for her putting my mother in law in her place, because it would be very educational for anyone, I think. While Granny doesn't take any nonsense from anyone, she is so skilful, she certainly doesn't need to be rude or un-ladylike even when scolding someone. I have myself gotten few smacks on my nose from her (for good reason) and was left more encouraged than reprimanded for it. That is a skill I very much envy. She is also a person who could keep my difficult child best in line even when he was at his worst. She really knew how to discipline without kid even noticing he was kept in line. She has had an habit of taking few of her great grandchildren at time with her to somewhere and even my difficult child never caused any problems in those trips and events.
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  13. Hound dog

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    Reminds me of my grandma and mother in law. :) I'm trying hard to grow up just like them. So far........I'm sort of succeeding, especially with the grandkids. But Nana's have a special type relationship with grandkids that parents can't that is helpful. lol