mother in law not doing so well

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    As some of you have seen on my Facebook updates, mother in law had been improving daily and was taken off the ventilator last week. Now she's taken a turn and/or the docs have realized what's going on. Her fluid output, which had improved greatly, is now down considerably again and according to the doctor, she's had kidney problems for years but husband never knew. Also she isn't releasing the carbon dioxide in the amounts that she should and it's causing her to sleep a lot. She's on an oxygen mask so that's helping her oxygen levels but for some reason she's not expelling the carbon dioxide.

    The docs want to put her back on the could be for a short time and it could be longer. While husband is her full guardian, he doesn't want to make this decision by himself and honestly, shouldn't have to. He's been calling sibs and uncles to get their input but he hates having her on a vent. He knows it's needed but it just tears him up. I think though that he's going to let them do it, see how things go and take it from there. He's feeling guilty though because he hasn't been up all week due to either the weather or the cold he's had. Logically he KNOWS he couldn't go up but he's not thinking logically.

    If you guys could send some good juju mother in law's way, it would really be appreciated. I think husband could use some also as the decision making process is getting to him.
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    Prayers being said for mother in law and husband. I'm sorry your mother in law isn't doing well.
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    I'm so sorry that you all are facing such painful decision making. Hopefully your husband will be able to make the choice comfortably. Sending hugs. DDD
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    Prayers for your mother in law.
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    Prayers and {{{hugs}}} being sent.
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    Sending prayers for your family. I'm sorry things have taken a turn for the worse.