mother in law talk went well!

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    husband had "the talk" today.
    He said it went really well. I think because the last week K has not been able to do much besides School and her Teacher pulled us aside and said if we can find her a Social Skills class it might be very beneficial for K. (This is a huge thing for Ms. J to act like K needs big help)

    husband told mother in law flat out, we just can't go, sorry, K just isn't doing well. All of the things you have suggested here. husband and I had talked it over and I threw out a bunch of the suggestions.

    mother in law was sad but she just said, "I know, I was just hoping."

    She is a wreck and knows how bad things are, she is trying to cover them up with activities. She wants to do things with the kids so that they can take her mind off of how bad things are.. I get it.
    But she needs to face reality also.

    husband and I have to live it daily, we never get to escape. Sorry.
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    I'm sure you are relieved. So glad it went well. DDD