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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Farmwife, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Pardon me if these links have been listed before.

    US Code Chapter 20 Title 34 (FULL text of ALL IDEA laws, US department of education, it's a thing of beauty)

    A particularly juicy tidbit on residential placement under IDEA.

    US Code chapter 33 Title 20 (education of individuals with disabilities, house of representatives)

    All state law/code is based on the above if they want funding.

    I'm having one of "those days" today. I just "love" my local school district, lol. If they cheese me off too bad I may come back and do links to each states board of ed. and statutes.
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    Thanks for posting the links FW!

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    How long does the school district have to do the evaluation? I first week of this school year I informed the school that we needed a second set of books due to forgetfulness, also that we needed her homework. The 5th/6th grade did this for us. Same school district!! NOW she's in the 7th grade they refuse, insist that she write her work down, are adament. Reason: Well, high school won't do that! College won't do that! I asked do you want her in the 7th grade forever! She's got ODD, PTS due to a bad father beating her mother; she had to be the parent and run the younger siblings to safety. She's been through counseling to deal with her feelings etc. Was doing quite well until the transfer from 6th into 7th. Her mother also after years of financial oppression found a job that pays well. The bad thing is that she has to work 12/5-6. She's lived here almost all her life, off and on (grandma's). By her insistance, but visited mom. Mom's lazy doesn't have a job? Now that she has a job, she's whining she quit? My house has always been her refuge away from her sisters. She's very angry at me because her sisters are here also; like I'm the devil for making her do homework, meeting with teachers; organizing her locker; getting her books. She functions best alone, so now we have her visiting great grandma for a break, we are trying to keep her in the honeymoon stage. She's trying to manipulate a new counselor into getting us to let her stay at home? She's now totally aware of all her ODD behaviors yet, so WE had a meeting!!! SHE will not stay at mom's house unsuppervised!!! "Poor kid's living out of a suitcase?" BS!! Now that her sisters are at her refuge, she feels violated, angry at her sisters (hits them for anything), me; she's freaking, wants to stay at mom's full time, it's only because she can do what she want when she wants. Too interested in boys etc. were having to watch where she goes, with whom like a hawk, and check up on her non stop. But she won't mind period, goes AWL for hours, she simply cannot stay alone at her mother's home, she's been given ample changes and blown it every time. She 14, lost a grade already. The counselor at school has been defiance with me, asked for medical records (NOT given) What medication is she on?. Her doctor documented the diagnosis; then they needed more? So her Ph D Counseror tested and documented the ADHD at 89%. She wrote the COD 9 codes for them, they didn't know what they were? I had to explain it. I typed up a form letter asking for a 504 evaluation, sent certified. Now it's been 5 months. Filed out the papers, had the meeting with the counselor. The evaluatiors office is in her school! I'm going to have to GO to school with her and sit in class for eight weeks just to get her assignments? All her teachers said if she'd just do her homework and hand it in she'll pass this year, but she cannot miss assigments. The district have no summer school. The class taken over at another school district summer school will not transfer? I think I'm getting fead a line of C _ _ _. WHAT is the legal time they have to do the evaluation? My counselor had us send a certified form letter asking for one; it was sent 11/17/2009. I've asked for intervention since Aug 2009. Not one thing has been done, she's feeling stupid; the teachers are embarrassing her in front of the classes; she cannot handle all the negative chastisement coming from all but one teacher. She's lazy, won't listen, buckle down? Won't turn her homework in? HELLO she cannot organize, she's learning to compensate. I went to each individual teacher, had to inform them of her conditions. The counselor told me she did the first week of school? Suppose to of sent out emails. They knew nothing. Two teachers have given me a books for at home. One won't bother giving assignments early. One teacher did give me homework for two weeks, but she didn't think she saw enough improvement for her to go to the extra effort! The teachers helping has only been voluntery. If I go in, and talk etc. explaining the problem they are sporatic in letting her turn in homework for half credit. I've got tutors, that are working blind! Her support group of four competent individuals are ready to throw in the towel, including myself. They are making her ODD impossible at home as a result. She refuses to get up and go to school many times because of it. Then when she misses they threaten truancy court? She's had medical excuses up until now, but the next 8 wks without missing? Impossible. I hope someone knowledgeable to the system can quickly inform me, as I don't have time to drag it out online. :ashamed: Feeling hopeless.:sad-very:
  4. Farmwife

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    Oh my gosh I am soprry no one saw your post sooner.

    Expect a battle with the school and with treatment for your grand daughter. You DO have a lot of work ahead of you.A lot of us on here feel hopless from time to time. Parenting these kids is not easy then when you have to fight for medical stuff and educational stuff, feels like the world is against you. You are in a good place. The general board moves much faster for the day to day stuff and you will meet a lot of knowledgable, friendly people who understand what you are going through.

    It will be hard but try to have faith in the light at the end of the tunnel. I thought there was no way my family would survive the struggles we were thrown into. In time with a support system set up things do improve, slowly but thing do ease up a little at a time. things may not get perfect but that feeling of disaster and crisis you are in will come and go. Evey day won't feel like the worst. You just need help getting those ducks in a row.

    Have you considered an educational advocate? They usually have waiting lists but they are a huge help once you get one. There are links on the second link I posted above.

    Good luck.
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    Unless you put your request in writing and send it Certified Mail, many school districts will ignore parents' pleas for help.

    The Certified Mail starts the clock ticking.

    by the way, thanks for the links.
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