Mothers day and beyond

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, May 11, 2011.

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    Well mothers day wasn't too bad. My difficult child son showed up for dinner on time, which was just going out for pizza, stayed for an hour and left. Of course apologized for not being able to afford to buy me anything, though a card would have been nice :)

    My easy child daughter on the other hand went away to New Jersey for the weekend to her cousins bachelorette party and came home to hung over to do anything but go upstairs and go to bed the minute she hit the door!!!!!

    Anyway, most of difficult child's conversation during the hour I saw him on mothers day is how him and girlfriend can't stand the hotel anymore and need to get out of there. My boyfriend kept telling him how if him and girlfriend are both working full time and give me money to hold onto each week, they could eventually save up for an apartment. He has never had the ability to think forward to anything and save for anything. When he wants something he wants it yesterday.

    He called yesterday to tell me that the lady in the office at the hotel where he has been living for 3 months told him that an older guy who works the desk sometime charged them wrong a few times over the last few months and they owe 6 days. Now difficult child was well aware of this because he told me a few times that he went down and would pay for 4 days and the guy would say he was all set for 5 days, or 6 days and he thought he was getting away with it, but it caught up to him.

    So now he's trying to figure out how to move out of there immediatley without having to pay the 6 days because it's not his fault and he asked me if I would consider writing a check for $1,200.00 for a security deposit on an apartment they found and could move into right away.

    What is he crazy???? I told him he better go down to the office this morning and work out the bill unless he's moving out today, and him and girlfriend better figure out how to start saving money, so they can move out eventually!!

    One step forward, two steps back!!!
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    Ugh, what a dufus. As if you would jump at the chance to lay out $1200 on the *chance* that you'd ever see it again. Please. Both of mine may hint around about money issues, but rarely ever come out and ask. I had given easy child a pass on her monthly rent of $150/month, but then she expects it the next month and I have to remind her to pay up. I will sometimes give difficult child a couple of bucks for gas on payday as she struggles to find a decent full time job. I don't mind helping out once in a while when I can, but NEVER would I put up that kind of money!
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    I guess your difficult child figured it couldn't hurt to ask. He's probably used to hearing no but I think a lot of these kids think they may catch you in a good mood and you will (in a moment of sheer insanity) give them what they want. I know my difficult child is like that, too. She figures that if I'm being nice or even just civil, I am weakening to her charm (!) and she will go in for the kill. If only they would direct all that manipulation and cleverness into getting a good job or education.. sigh. Mine sent me a day late homemade postcard from jail, which of course was prompted only by my sister asking difficult child on Saturday if she was going to send me one. I was not too impressed but I'll take any positive gesture that I can get from difficult child right now.