Mother's Day gift ideas??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Apr 30, 2008.

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    I need to pick up a couple of things for my mother-difficult child has already gotten a couple of little things for her (her b-day is about the same time as Mother's Day). Anyway, I just heard on TV that the "disc" shaped vacuum that goes under furniture and supposedly vacuums the entire floor on it's own is called a Roomba. Has anyone tried one of these, and if so, do they work ok? Where do you find them and what kind of price range are they?

    Also, what is the novel that came out a few months ago about southern living?

    Does anyone else have some ideas they could throw out here??

    Thanks!!! My Mom is hard to buy for sometimes...
  2. Hound dog

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    I want an all expense paid two week vacation to Hawaii with plenty of hunks serving me drinks and making sure I don't get sunburned......... :beach::beach_ball::cheers::please:

    Oh, you meant for us to buy for our Mom's and mother in law's??

    I've heard of that vacuum, but never seen it. So can't be helpful there.

    mother in law is hard to buy for. Oh, she'd be pleased with anything, but there isn't alot you can buy for someone her age that she doesn't already have. My Mom gets a phone call. She always returns my presents anyway. However this year she's in for a surprise. (I have to shake things up every once in awhile lol) I'm sending her some new cute pics of her great grands, Darrin and Aubrey.
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    I have a couple of friends who have the Roomba. They love them! They're between $200 (not too good of a model) to $350.

    One thing a friend of mine swears by are the steamers for tiles, grout and grease. Says makes cleaning the kitchen countertops and stove top so much easier. I've borrowed it for my charcoal grill and it is awesome.

    Another nice gift is one of the digital photo frames ... load some pics of her grandkids (if you don't have digital, just scan them in and then load) and they'll flip through for her.

    If money is tight, a coupon book good for things like a manicure, pedicure done by you; a special picture drawn by the grandkids; a lunch with her son; a family meal cooked by your family for her on the day of her choice; etc. is always a big hit. The more personal, the better, especially if there is something special by each family member for her.

    I don't know if this is the book you're talking about, but here goes anyway: Southern Living by Ad Hudler. Here's one review of it by a book club member: a funny but accurate portrayal of the modern south
    Through the lives of three women, Ad Hudler shows the craziness a Georgia city is experiencing due to an influx of Yankees who've come to town to work in a Toyota plant. The culture clashes are hilarious! And boy does he know the South ... from the Christmas sweaters on the affluent women to the pork rinds for sale at the flea market. I didn't care much for the character who poisoned the neighbor's dogs because they peed in her yard, but in the end I fell in love with all three women and identified with their struggles and loves. My book club of yankees and southerners really enjoyed this one.
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    Me Too, Lisa!! Can we all meet up there?? Really, can there only be one scheduled get-together for board members in one place next year? (Not that I could afford Hawaii)!

    I just gave a bunch of photos of difficult child, so I can't do that again, so soon. It sounds like the rumba (that was meant to say roomba- Lisa has my mind wandering) is out of my price range right now. ::( But, I'll have to mull over some other things.

    MB: That's the book I was trying to think of!! Thank you so much! She likes novels about the south - not really the historical type- so I thought she would like this.
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    MB, are you talking about the Scuncii Steamer (or other brands of steamers) that use veryhot water to clean things? I have been thinking about one, but don't know anyone who has used one. Do they really make a difference? Are they much easier? Iwould love to have fewer chemical cleaners used.

    Anyway, A thoughtful poem written on nice paper and framed is always nice. Esp if one of the kids writes it. (Or creates it and you write it neatly so it can be read, LOL!)

    I copied my Gma's recipe cards at kinkos one year and gave copies of that to my mom and her sister. Bro got one for his late birthday present.

    The Black and Decker BroomVac is GREAT!! You use it like a broom to sweep stuff up, and then turn it on to **** up the pile. I usually use the dustpan to get the big stuff, then use it for the little things that are so hard to sweep up. It is AWESOME on cathair and kittly litter. It empties easily. BigLots had a refurb one for $30, most stores still have them, though finding a new one is hard.

    Movie giftcertificates are a nice gift, and one I forget about.
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    Susie, I know Scunci makes one. I forget the brand name. You can get it at Linens N Things for about $30.00, I think. But any of the steamers seems to do the trick.

    They really are a great gadget to own. Since I've moved here, I'm seriously considering buying my own. Don't have any tile, so no grout worries but just to clean the BBQ makes it worthwhile to me. It really does get the gunk out beautifully and no scrubbing, which is a big thing to me because of arthritis in my shoulder and spine.
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    I have a roomba. I have used it. Funny story, the first time that I used it, I put it in the dining room with a gate at the one door (since it only comes with one beam thingy). I left for about 20 minutes and came back to find my dog (a little yorkie) cowering in the corner, shaking and the roomba had escaped by knocking the gate over and had ran out of power somewhere across the house. The poor dog must have been out of her mind!

    Anyway, I got my mother in law and Stepmom some jewelry this year for Mother's day. I also got this hook that you use to hold your pocketbook to a table. I got them on ebay. I like the idea of keeping your purse hooked to the table, since it keeps it off the floor and in front of you, rather than leaving it on the back of the chair, where someone could easily take your wallet. If anyone wants the ebayer that I got it from, just PM me and I'll send it to you.
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    Babybear, I love the recipes from that site! Those are really awesome!
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    With the price of gas and food, maybe a gift card for the local gas station and market. Or her Beauty Salon

    If your mom like to cook, what about some different herbs in a planter (any of my kids reading this make a note) she can put on a windowsill

    A bag of her favorite candy - easy child has never forgotten my M&M's on Mothers Day, or a gift card from Blockbuster so she can rent some movies (or in my case video games) :)

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    I've seen on other website were folks really like that steam thing from Linens and Thing...anyone have one and can elaborate?

    I think a gift certificate to the Brighton store would be fabulous! Also massages!!!!
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    I got lucky and hit a Vera Bradley clearance sale and got my mom and new bag, with a matching VB t-shirt and I found the perfect blue flip flops to match