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    I'm so glad that I wasn't home earlier when husband and easy child got home. They let Ella, our dog out. She came back in and they noticed that on her pillow she had dropped a dead mouse. I had to laugh because husband said neither he nor easy child wanted to pick it up. Yuck-I know I wouldn't have. They ended up picking it up together with a bag.

    I always thought it was cats who chased and killed mice-didn't know dogs did.

    She's a quick dog. In the past she has caught birds, squirrels, rabbits, baby rabbits, voles. This is only the second time she has brought something in the house-the baby rabbits she brought in as well.

    I love our dog but the dead animals I can do without!!
  2. klmno

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    EEeeeekkk!!! Me, too!!
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Awwww, she wufs you! Dat's why she bwot you a pwesent :D
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    It must be the season. husband went to pet Capn Morgan yesterday am when he got out of the shower. When he went IN the shower Morgan was sleeping behind the recliner. When he got out of the shower Morgan was sitting next to where he had been sleeping and he looked so proud of himself. He had a dead mouse sitting right in front of him!

    I am so glad husband ws home, because mice totally creep me out. And dealing with them after teh cat gets them is not something I handle with any degree of grace (LOL!).

    Tell your darling Ella that she ish a good girl, yesh she is. She loves her Mommy and brought you a present. She gets belly rubs and ear scrathings and yummy yummy treats for a whole week! Good girl Ella killed a mouse for Mommy. Ella ish a good girl, yesh she is, oh yesh she is! Ella earned nummies, yummy, nummy treats, yesh she did. Ella protected Mommy from the mouse and then brought it to Mommy for a present. Such a good girl!
  5. Marguerite

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    My parents had a couple of cats, one of whom used to regularly bring in "presents". He would miaouw from the other side of the back door, my mother would get up and go let him in, the cat would drag in the mouse or rat of whatever, do one lap of honour around the living room, then go back outside with its prize to go munch it under the house.

    One night we heard a muffled "miaouw" from the back door, my mother went to open the door - and we heard her strangled cry of "snake!!" and my dad leapt from the table to go to the rescue. Finding the way to the back door blocked by mum, he headed out via the front door, grabbing a shovel on the way. He got to the back door just in time to see the cat drop its prize (so it could miaouw more clearly) and the five foot long red-bellied black snake (venomous) slither away through the back stairs under the house. Dad swung with the shovel but just missed the snake.

    Amazingly, the cat was unbitten. The snake was not seen again.

    This sort of thing happens moderately frequently, when you live in a sub-tropical area with lots of banana plantations by the sea. The house was a timber beach shack on stilts, we were used to "wildlife". I can cope with mice and rats (although they are a symptom of a problem needing to be fixed) but although I know there are always going to be snakes nearby, I don't like to be confronted by an angry venomous snake that resents being disturbed by a hunting cat.

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    Ok. Mice don't bother me. Except I don't want them in my house. Snakes are another story altogether and I'm truely grateful we don't have poisonous ones near us. We do get snakes though....and Willie the outdoor cat promptly takes care of scaring them away. (he hasn't brought me a dead one yet0

    Betsy's Mom Precious used to mouse. That's what made her ill during her pregnancy although we had no clue at the time. I'd wormed her shortly before she'd went into heat. So when she got thin but her belly got huge....we assumed the pregnancy was taking it's toll. And she did have lots of pups. But after the spaying for an infected uterus......(awful you don't wanna know details) she still didn't get better and kept losing weight. In desperation I called the vet yet again. Vet tech asked if I'd ever wormed her for tape worms. The mice she was catching....well at least one of them, had given her tapeworm!

    So if your mousing doggies ever start dropping weight for no apparent reason.......check them for the tapeworms.

    We had a beagle that was an avid mouser. I swear he loved to hunt mice. Every time I turned around he was dropping presents at my feet. ugh So glad when we moved from that apartment. lol
  7. muttmeister

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    My dogs catch mice regularly. I live in an old, "historic" house so there is no keeping them out so I am glad the dogs catch them. I had a cat but he used to watch the dogs get the mice and not move; I guess he couldn't be bothered.
    We don't have a lot of venomous snakes around here but I do know of a couple of dogs that have been bitten by rattlers; both got the the vet in time but it makes me uneasy. I always thought I wanted a komondor until I read that sometimes they bring in things like snakes in their coats ( they are the sheep dogs that look like a string mop). Guess I'll pass on that.
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    Both my dogs get mice. OMG I had them at the pond and the mouse swam and the dogs followed. i didn't know mice could swim.

    Even when we are walking they find them in the grass. Then you hear this loud squeaking. ewwwwww. Then the dogs hold the mouse in their mouth. Yuk.

    Kenzie brought in a bird. other than that, nothing has come into the house that I am aware of.

    ewwwww. That is just gross. I bet the dog was very proud.
  9. donna723

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    "Both my dogs get mice. OMG I had them at the pond and the mouse swam and the dogs followed. i didn't know mice could swim. "

    Kjs, I'll bet that mouse didn't know that he could swim either until he had two dogs chasing him! :D

    I live in a very old house too and all three of my dogs are very good mousers. The Bostons are smaller and quicker and better at it than the bigger dog. It's like a game to them.
  10. Wiped Out

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    These are great stories to read. Marg-omg-about the snake-I would have so freaked out! Kjs-I have a great visual of the mice swimming with the dogs going after it.

    I guess I should be proud of her (I just wish she would leave her catches outside) and husband was saying at least if we ever have a mouse in the house Ella will take care of it. on the other hand, husband made easy child check Ella's mouth after she came inside last night-we were al laughing!:)

    Good advice about the tapeworm. I'm hoping she doesn't get sick-often after she catches something she will get sick with diahreaha and vomiting which means another trip to the vet for more antibiotics!