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    Lisa, if Katie and M are like me with soda (and I dont care if diet coke is going to kill me, I have to die of something so it might as well be the ingestion of diet coke), teach her to save at least 10 to 15 bucks a month on her food stamp card. Then when her favorite soda goes on sale for 98 cents a 2 liter like diet coke just did here, she can do what I just did. I bought 120 bottles! I went to 4 different Food Lion stores in our area and bought 30 at each one. I didnt want to seem too Now I have bottles everywhere but I dont think I will run out until the next two for one sale.
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    I'm working on that type of shopping for her Janet. This week though, I didn't have time to sit with her and explain that on sale a 2 or 3 liter of pop is the better buy over can soda. This time she just had so much "bulk" to buy that I couldn't quite single out the pop when I was trying to help her stay on target with staple sale items. The adults in that family are soda addicts. lol I wish I were joking. But we are introducing them to other beverages and they are discovering they aren't bad. Maybe at some point price will win out. If it doesn't then she will have to learn how to stock up like you do or pop is going to wipe out her card super fast. Fred was a pop addict too, so I do understand.

    At least she only lets the kids have pop as a rare "treat", especially since they discovered that koolaide is good. Maybe they won't develop the same habit.
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    You know Lisa, Susie has a good point about the woodwork stuff and M. When Tony retires he plans on making stuff. You know those hideous cutouts people put in their front yards at Xmas or other holidays? He can do them and I can help paint them. Also big storks for births...we can do several and rent them out.