Movie for Dog Lovers & Dogfight Haters


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The Champions, now on Netflix, is awesome. It deals with what happened to the dogs who were traumatized by Michael Vick's dogfighting operation. It also deals with the stereotyping of the pit bull & how idiotic it is.

I knew that Best Friends took a lot of the dogs but I didn't know about other groups and that some of the dogs were fostered and then adopted. Amazingly, many of the well experienced foster parents chose these dogs, the ones hurt so badly, to become their forever children.

One of the people who adopted one of the dogs was a broadcaster who tried to ask Vick if he cared what happened to the dogs. His additional info about Vick & his operation (from a USDA report) was sickening and he described the feelings he has about Vick's post felony success very well. Esp his thoughts over Vick getting the key to a major city.

It is a awesome movie that gives some of the background as to what happened to the dogs and how much work went into figuring everything out. They even spoke to the Guardian/Special Master appointed by the judge to figure out what to do to the dogs.

I really think the dog lovers here, esp any with pit bulls, will love this movie.


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Thanks so much for the heads up! I had been following the stories and have read a lot about the dogs recovery and their success. I do remember when a FB page was created called No Way Subway when the chain chose Vick as their spokesperson (really why couldn't choose a more positive role model as his character is seriously flawed). Forgiving errors in judgement is something I would readily do but cruelty in this form was something I couldn't. My choice as a consumer. I have since to eat another Subway sandwich. Then again, they had also chosen a bad choice to represent their company previously as well.

Having taken in numerous cruelty seizure animals from the Humane Society I can personally attest to the wonderful nature and resilience of dogs ,Pitbulls included. I hope others get the chance to view it as well. Thanks again for posting.


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Thanks tons, susie. I read a book on the Vick dogs, snd know aboit the wonderful rescue, Best Friends. I hope to visit one day.

If i told my feelings about Vick, my podt woild be removed. If my favorite football team had employed him after that, it would have been a dealbreaker between my love of the Packers ...and my own ethics. Fortunately, they never touched him.

I have Netflix so i guess i know the next movie ill be watching.