Moving easy child into difficult child's room

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    I've run into a bit of a pickle, my leasing office originally told me they'd work with me on the terms of my lease since husband is coming home from deployment just as the lease ended. In two years they've never treated me poorly so I expected the manager to stick to her word. At the same time I would have had to give my 60 day notice, management and structure changed. Now I'm stuck in this 2 bedroom for another year OR I have to pay mass amounts of money to get out of here and I can't do that.
    Right now easy child is 9 months old and sharing my room. husband will be home soon and trust me, with his snoring easy child will be up all night! difficult child is going to sleep much easier and although she wakes at night she comes straight to me quietly. Her violent tendencies are only happening during the day and muted to the point that they are barely there. easy child sleeps through the night mostly and I hear her instantly even if I'm on the other side of the house. Usually if easy child wakes up, difficult child woke her or vice versa.
    How on earth do I approach this?
    Currently difficult child's room is painted with pink and green stripes and she LOVES to help me paint and decorate so I kind of thought I could take her to the store to pick out new bedding and paint and maybe we could kind of divide the room with color schemes? Help! lol easy child can't stay in our room after husband comes home, nobody will get any sleep.
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    What a dilemma! I think that the divided color scheme is a good idea so long as you think easy child will be safe. What would you do if difficult child started getting violent? Do you have a way to monitor at night?
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    I do have a monitor and if difficult child is having a rough night, week, whatever then I have a playpen that can go in the living room. Im contemplating putting a curtain of sorts between the bed and crib to make it more seperate for difficult child? She seems excited, I think these 9 months of easy child being in my room has made her feel a bit left out.
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    Crazy idea... repaint difficult child's walls a neutral white and put circles of all sizes in easy child's colors and difficult child's colors randomly around the room? I have a friend who will make wood signs for over the crib and bed with a different inspirational message for each girl, just have to come up with what I want lol.
    difficult child is SO excited over this, she keeps asking if we can move the crib tonight. I just hope the rest of easy child's sleep training hurries up so I can move her while difficult child is still excited :)
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    Sounds like you have a good plan!

    My 2 share a room with bunk beds. When they're fighting, either child is allowed to use my room as a safety zone (usually daughter). The room was originally daughter's so the walls are purple. When DS moved in there, I didn't change much. They switch beds every so often, and which ever bed DS is using gets decorated by daughter with these cute little pictures (boy stuff).

    Your husband should have a sleep study (for his health and everyone's sanity! LOL).
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    Yeah her psychiatrist is considering one but we're changing medications, husband is coming home soon and I'm going to be gone for 7 weeks(if all goes well) so we agreed to wait on the sleep study.