Moving Stinks!!


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Okay, moving is bad in the best of circumstances but this move has become an absolute nightmare!

I could cope with not enough space reserved on the truck (had a super driver who let me sneak in an extra 8 linear feet at no charge but still left some important things behind!). I could deal with a grumpy daughter and 3 cats in the car. I could almost cope with only one not-so-nice guy helping to unload at this end. BUT ......

I cannot deal with the fact that the owner of this house left almost EVERYTHING behind. She did take most of her personal possessions, but every kitchen cabinet is full, all the linen closets are full, the desk drawer is full!!! I was very specific I did not want this stuff. I prefer my kitchen things and I don't want to be responsible for her stuff. I understand this house was originally used as a vacation rental, but we are not renting for a short period -- we are supposed to be here for two years and then I will probably buy something here. She did get rid of the hideous floral sofas in the living room. She didn't get rid of the organ in the bedroom that no one wants.

So, I contact the other owner (her daughter in California, who is the person I've been dealing with). She tells me to pack up her mom's stuff and she'll have a friend come get it. Let me see if I have this straight .... I'm supposed to unpack a box of my stuff, wrap her stuff and pack it up and then find a place to store it until it can be picked up? Does this sound right to anyone out there? So, a one-week job is probably going to take well over a month.

Obviously, I'll do it -- have no choice, really. But it did cause me to walk into this house and start crying and I DON'T cry!!!! Finally got so frustrated, got into the rental and drove to New Orleans for two days (will discuss that adventure in another post).

Oh, yeah, and then my daughter pulled a "Marie move." She left her purse in California. Her friend noticed it and said she would mail it to her. So far, no purse. Of course, that means no id, no chance to find a job, no nothing. by the way, guess who's fault it is that she left her purse at the old house? Aw, you guessed. Yup, I shudda noticed she didn't have it (fact that she was carrying a pink polka dot purse on her shoulder and I thought she'd changed purses didn't count). Oh, and we should have gone back and gotten it (um, we were in Nevada and had already driven for two days when it was noticed that it was gone).

I HATE MOVING! :surprise: :sad: /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif :surprise:


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OhNooooooooooo! I would have died! That is horrible!

You know what? I would put an ad on Craigs List and say
"Household of FREE furniture. Yours if you come get it NOW!"

Seriously, I have seen ads like that on there. And I assure you people will come to you in droves to remove it off of your hands. That is just pure insanity for you to do yourself. I mean, Cmon?

Hang in will getter better! It will!


Ugh! What a nightmare.

I'd keep track of time and expenses (wrapping materials, boxes) used to pack up the owner's possessions and send them a bill. Seriously.


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I agree with the bill. If your contract stated no possessions, then bill them for everything, most esp your TIME!

As far as the purse, phooey on your daughter. Remind yourself, it isn't your purse, it isn't your problem. She is 20, time for her to take the responsibility. Even if she doesn't want it!!




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Aren't there moving companies that pack up stuff? I think I would look into that. Get them to pack it all up and take it to a self-storage place and have them send the bill to the daughter.

There's no reason you should have do this.



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I've considered calling to have it packed up but who knows when or if I would ever get the $$ back (got a discounted rent by paying for the first year in advance). I do feel for the mother. She didn't want to move but her daughter was truly strapped financially and she is 75, but I'm still furious that it was just laid in my lap and that I can't move in without moving her out first.

I was told to use whatever I wanted. Um, I'm not a blue/flower person. I don't want to be responsible for this stuff. So, I either live with it or move it out. Since I don't have it in me to just get rid of it, I'll pack it up (poorly, but packed -- they get the old, torn bubble wrap and the worst boxes rofl) and let it go.

It did feel good to vent here, though! And it feels even better to hear that I'm not unreasonable in being truly upset.