Mr. Ostrich Strikes Again ... a vent

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dashcat, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. dashcat

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    Some of you might recall my story about difficult child ending up in NYC with no money .. not even pocket change. She called her dad (aka Mr. Ostrich) and begged him to send her $50 so her car would not be towed. He, recognizing that $50 was onlyl going to solve the immediate problem of parking the car and would not get her OUT of NYC, wired her $250.00

    He was not happy and promised to "have a conversation" with her in which he would call her on her behavior. At this point, she was already late on her first payment for the car he'd sold her (and is financing) AND he'd sent her off on this adventure - for which he claims he warned her she did not have enough money - with a full tank of gas and an extra $20.

    Supposedly said conversation took place. And, no doubt, she was well aware it was just talk.

    The second payment was due 12/31. Of course, she did not pay this time not to mention that she did not make up for the late payment ore even begin to pay him back for NYC.

    He texted her and told her he was coming on Saturday (last Saturday) to reposess the car. She'd signed a promisory note which states if she misses two consecutive payments, or three within six months, he would reposess.

    Did he?

    Of course not.

    And, Ostrich Apprentice that she is, she is not returning either of our phone calls or texts.

    Isn't this a fine lesson for her?

    It could be worse, I know. But as long as she can continue not paying for things (she hasn't paid a dime for the car she's been driving since October), she will continue to drift along, working minimally, buying cigarettes and getting tatoos...

  2. DDD

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    Yikes. Sending hugs your way...I can only imagine how frustrated you must be. DDD
  3. CrazyinVA

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    Ugh. As long as he never follows through on his threats, she'll never follow through on her promises. Why should she?! But you know that. It's just a shame he doesn't.
  4. pinevalley

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    Sometimes it really helps us to feel better when we vent about whatever is bothering us. I hope that you feel better now. Sending HUGS your way.
  5. Nancy

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    He sure does allow her get away with a lot. So that's why she goes to him when she wants something.

  6. buddy

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    This has to be so frustrating. Sorry, just so sorry.
  7. dashcat

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    Believe me, my friends, I have it in perspective. It IS frustrating, but that's all it is. I have no control over how my difficult child learns her lessons, nor do I have any control over his passivity. I think what I hate the most is that the lesson she is learning is to be passive, to clamp her hands over her ears and eyes and HUMMMMMM and it will all go away. Thanks for listening!
  8. DammitJanet

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    Its sad she is blowing this opportunity now for what she will probably need one day in the future when she really does get her life together and then daddy will say hell no. Parents have long memories.
  9. Signorina

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    I feel your frustration. He should have just given her the car if he want going to enforce the payments!
  10. susiestar

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    (((((hugs))))) Even when it is just frustrating it is just so obnoxious, isn't it?

    Why is it that I think you should take her and "treat" her to a tattoo. get her a couple of drinks, then tattoo something obnoxious about "Don't lend me $$ because i won't pay it back" in a fancy pretty script somewhere on her body.

    For some reason this just seems like a wonderful fantasy. I know someone who promised to "work off" a tattoo by doing some projects for the tattoo artist. After the person didn't show up as promised three times, the artist offered to do another tattoo and the mooch was dumb enough to accept. Said mooch now has "MOOCH" tattooed above her cleavage.

    Just makes me smile and chuckle. The tattoo artist also deliberately misspelled a client's tattoo of his fiance's name. The client was engaged to the artist's sister. The client had another girl on the side and the two women had names that were only a couple of letters different, so he put the girlfriend's name instead of the fiance's name on the client. Of course the client was not sober when said tattoo was applied, and was bragging about having a fiance and a girlfriend. Before the tattoo could heal he didn't have a fiance or a girlfriend, and the artist was much relieved that his sister was not engaged to the jerk.

    I am sorry she is such an ostrich in training and has such an effective ostrich trainer. While of course you won't take her for a tattoo, because at some point she would beg the ostrich to pay to have it removed, you can have some fun with the idea.
  11. rejectedmom

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    I have been in your shoes with my husband and difficult child#1. long storty short she let her insurance lapse on her brand new car. had a fender bender and cops impounded her car. husband and I thought about it and discussed it with her that husband would give her his older model car and buy her new car for his commute. We shelled out 17K cash and husband let her keep the car. Does she remember this???? Nope just braggs about her wonderful credit rating.

    I feel your pain.