Mr. Whiny pants at it again

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    I leave my cell phone on at work but on vibrate. I got a call today from a number I have long recognized as coming from the school. I didn't answer because I figured it was the school nurse (again....I think difficult child holds the record for nurses visits) and didn't feel the need. A little later I took a break and checked my voicemail. Turns out, it wasn't the was one of the women in the attendance office (T). difficult child hadn't reported to any of his classes this morning.


    Could have SWORN he left for the bus stop this morning and I even saw him down there when I left for work.

    After a few phone calls and conversations I won't bore you with, this is what (according to difficult child) happened.

    He got to school and felt like he was going to throw up after about 5 minutes into homeroom. (I'm guessing the bell hadn't even rung yet) So, instead of telling someone or going to the nurse, he left class and walked ACROSS TOWN (really long walk when you're supposed to be sick!) and went home. When I talked to him, I told him he needed to call the school to let them know what he did. After he made the call, T called me again. Seems that she was a bit confused. When she told him that he needed to have a parent call in when he was sick, (reminding him, not telling him I needed to call today because she and I had already talked) he told her that he doesn't live with us, he has an apartment. (REALLY???? Does that mean he has someplace ELSE to live and I can send him packing????)


    But.....I called the resource officer at the school and found out that even though difficult child still lives at home, since he's 18, husband and I are NOT legally responsible if he gets hauled into court for truancy!!!!! :dance: I'm tempted to get this in writing from him! LOL

    husband asked me if I talked to him about it but I didn't really bother. I brought it up with him, yes, but I'm letting him dig his own hole. As he reminds me FREQUENTLY, he's 18 now. He wants to play with the big boys.....fine by me. And kind of funny....when the RO and I were talking, he said that although I can't kick him out (not sure about that) I CAN make things unpleasant for him. Take away every luxury he's got. Short of a cell phone which we let him keep because of his job, he doesn't have anything and I told the guy this. He kept trying I do difficult child's laundry? Nope. Cook? Not specifically for him. He finally laughed and said that it sounds like I'm already doing anything he can come up with so good for me! :bigsmile: LOL Guess he didn't realize he had a :warrior: on his hands! (This is a different one than we've dealt with before)
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    The fun never ends! Did husband talk to difficult child about this. I suppose he was trying to impress the school when he said he lived on his own. Also figured they wouldn't call you if they thought he was on his own.

    And how many days till graduation? It will be a long winter - though maybe the colder the better, it will keep him inside the school building if not in the classroom?
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    I dread the teen years...
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    There is a paper that you can request from the school that you all three sign. I'm not sure the exact name of it, but it's something about his accountability for attendance, grades, etc., now that he is 18. In other words, if he is late one day, he doesn't need a note from his parents, he can sign a note saying "please excuse me for being late, I was....". He will be legally responsible for himself at school. That way, you and husband will not be held responsible for truancy or anything else he may "get in to".


    P.S. I challenge you to a dual of the nurse visiting boy difficult children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think mine has the record........
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    Oh my gosh - I'm chuckling here over the apartment. I'd be sorely tempted to tell him to give you the key because he's *obviously* not using the apartment and you need the peace and quiet. Where do they come up with this stuff?

    That's *great* news about the truancy. I'd ask the school to please call difficult child on his cell in the future if he's late, since it's *his* responsibility now. Too funny that RO couldn't come up with something for you to take away - you *are* good! ;)