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  1. amazeofgrace

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    so on top of everything I am having health problems. I finally went back to the gastrologist to go over the result from the CT and blood test. My liver enzymes are elevated and the CT shows some kind of a mass amongst the fatty cells in my liver. So now I have to go for an MRI, and then maybe a liver biopsy, depending on what the MRI says. I also scheduled a (gulp) colonoscopy for next Wed., hopefully I will not chicken out, like the last 3 x's I have scheduled one. I know I need to get it in gear with the whole weight loss thing, I mean the fat has invaded my liver, yikes!!!

    Oh well, anyone been through anything similar, I looked up what a liver biopsy entails, and I better be knocked out for it!!!!:anxious:
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    When is the MRI?

    Will be keeping good thoughts for you.
  3. KTMom91

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    Will be keeping you in my prayers. Please keep us posted.
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I hope it's nothing....

    As for that fun scope session, ask them if you can do Miralax for the prep. It's colorless, tasteless, odorless, and you can take it with any clear liquid of your choice (well, I don't think beer or white wine or champagne count...). difficult child 1 was scoped in April and he took 1 capful of Miralax per 8oz liquid -- had to drink 80 oz. day before for the prep and it was a BREEZE. Way easier than that NASTY magnesium citrate crap that makes him barf (and me nearly so).

    Good luck with the MRI and keep us posted!
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    My last liver biopsy was about five months ago. I remember that the next day we drove 300 miles to spend the weekend with my sister.

    I've had two liver biopsies. The first one was done only under local. It only numbs the skin, so I could feel the pressure of them digging in to get a sample. It was a thick needle but the procedure only took a few minutes.

    The second one - they wanted to knock me out with sedation plus medazalem but I refused it. That stuff doesn't work on me properly and I said I wanted to be awake and compos. So again, it was only done under local. Trouble was, this time they needed samples from different parts of my liver and I hadn't expected it. The nurse who was holding my hand looked like she was going to faint.
    However, with hindsight - I'm still glad I did it my way. It worked for me. The procedure isn't pleasant but it's over quickly.

    It's up to you, if they offer you sedation. Your choice.

    You also have to lie still, on your back, for several hours afterwards. The liver has a lot of blood vessels and they need you to lie still so it can begin to heal itself and stop bleeding. If your liver bleeds badly, they may need to monitor it. Lying on your back helps them do this.

    So take a good book, some music, an eye mask - whatever you choose to stay relaxed, occupied, not too bored.

    My recent biopsy showed a great deal more fatty infiltration than previously. No large mass, just diffuse fat. My current strict diet plus diet pills is the result. And it's working. I've lost about 16 Kg (36 lbs) in 4 months. I haven't had my liver enzymes checked again since the beginning of the year, but they were pretty awful, the worst they have ever been.

    So we do what we have to do, in order to get well. Not much choice, really.

    But I do feel much better since losing even a little bit of weight. I'm hoping to be much smaller by summer. It also means I should be able to look pretty good as mother of the groom in November.

  6. Abbey

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    Marg described it well. I've had two done. Don't want to scare you as you will survive. I didn't have any sedation, but I think I fainted when they brought out that HUGE needle the first time.

    It wasn't particularly painful, but you DO have to lie in one place for several hours afterwards. Bring a good book.

    Good luck on the procedure! Don't chicken out.

  7. hearts and roses

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    Now that I've picked myself up off the floor after reading Marg's description....I just want to send some healing and calming thoughts your way...hope it goes very smoothly and you suffer little to no discomfort.

    And that other thing...I'm put mine off three times too! Good for you for going through with it this time.
  8. Abbey

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    Ok. How about Jo and Amaze go in at the same time? (Jo, get up off the floor.) It could be a bonding time. Maybe you guys would get a discount, like two for one or something.

  9. Andy

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    They can be liver biopsy buddies for the procedure. However, can they lie quietly for a couple hours while sharing stories from this board? You just know they will be talking about US the entire time. They will be laughing and crying so hard it will be impossible to lie still.

  10. amazeofgrace

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    hmmmmmmm I am all for sedation, and by the sounds of it I wanna be knocked out!

    I hope I get knocked out for the colonoscopy! I am not sure???
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    I've had two and was completely asleep for both. Both were a breeze-I went Christmas shopping after the first one (same day, but after a nap). The hardest part about the last one I had (in April) was that I was extremely thirsty by the time of my procedure, and couldn't have anything to drink until after. So when they tell you to drink extra fluids-do it!
  12. Abbey

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    OMG. colonoscopy??? Nobody is going there. I'd take a liver treatment over that any day.

  13. Wiped Out

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    Keeping good thoughts that all goes well with the test and it's nothing serious. Hugs.