MRI results for husband's knee

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    husband went back to the ortho guy today to get the results of his MRI. Turns out, he has the beginnings of arthritis. They don't feel he needs surgery yet; later definately but not quite yet. But, he's already got cartlidge damage/breakdown and he is to start taking Glucosamine. The ortho doctor gave him a cortisone shot and although it made his knee swell even more husband said it feels tons better.

    A side sibs are all very well known with the area ortho practices. The one husband went to is one they haven't been to in a few years because of insurance but they used to frequent it often. Anyway, husband is in with the doctor and made a comment about how he (husband) heard nothing but good about this guy. When the doctor inquired about how/what he heard, husband told him that his inlaws (the B family) have been patients....the doctor just smiled and said "Oh yes...I remember them" :rofl: I'm sure he does! He's probably paid off his car or boat off of them! LOL

    Thanks again for all of your info and advice. I guess this wasn't much of a surprise to husband....more the timing of it than anything. His dad has the same thing with both knees so husband has an idea of what to expect in the future.
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    I hope he doesn't have to suffer too long before they do surgery. You should have suggested he send these people a thank you card :)
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    Would some kind of elastic brace help support the joint and relieve some of the pain? Also, how's his weight? That can certainly speed up the degenerative process if there's too much stress being put on the joint.

    At least the ligaments/tendons are o.k. and he won't require THAT kind of surgery. I've heard lots of positive stories about the glucosamine. My doctor told me to use it because of the little bit of arthritis I have in a few of my finger joints. I don't think I stuck with it long enough to know for sure, since my pain is very minor and intermittent.
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    Glucosamine is supposed to be wonderful. I have many many many relatives and friends who SWEAR by it. You do have to take it for a few months before you see a big change though. It requires patience.

    I am glad it is not tendon/ligament damage. There is a LOT they can do with the cartilage breakdown, including some new substances they can replace the cartilage with. My aunt just had this done. She was headed for knee replacement because of years of abuse of her knees. Now it looks liek she won't need the replacement for possibly up to 5 years.

    Many hugs to you and husband. Knee problems are horrible. Do they have him on any pain medications? It may need them.
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    Glucosamine/Chondroitin WORKS! There a lot of good results for humans, and, it has really helped my arthritic DOG. Can't say it's placebo effect in HIS case. He just feels better.

    Be aware that you don't have to buy the fancy name-brand supplements. Store brand is fine. Also, if you are allergic, check labelling on the supplements. Many are made with shellfish ingredients.
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    I never had much luck with the glucosamine. I am a big believer in the cortisone shots though. Also if he can get the replacement cartilage gel shots, they are worth a go. I have been through one round in my right knee and two rounds in my left. I wont say they are the most comfortable things in the world but they arent horrible. I do them without lidocaine before the injections. Im planning on doing another set in probably another month.
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    Chronic use of cortisone joint injections will destroy what cartilage you have left in your joints.

    They are supposed to be used for acute needs only.

    You currently can get "lube" and "cartillage building" injections that help the joint without the risks of using steroids.
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    I'm not sure if the ortho guy has recommended husband see him regularly or see SOMEONE regularly for this but I'll let him know about these things. His father has the same thing and has for years so it didn't really come as a surprise...husband was just a little shocked it happened at this age.

    Maybe now though he'll work on losing some weight. He's 6'5" and is just over 300lbs. I'm sure his knee and the rest of him would feel a lot better if he did. 'Course...I could stand to lose a few pounds myself too! LOL
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    I have no cartilage left in my knees so getting the steroids isnt a problem for me but I am so sensitive the steroids that they tend to send me hypomanic too. I put off getting the steroid injections because of that but once in a blue moon I will get them just to get a few weeks without pain.

    I got the steroid shots in my knees on the 24th but just undid all the good yesterday by falling out of a chair! Ugh. LOL. I went right down on my knees.