MRI tomorrow. Neuro problems.


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I go to get an MRI of my neck tomorrow. I have very clear signs of neuro problems. Muc worse than before my neck surgery 10 years ago. I am really scared.

I won't have any results until next week. I hate tests on Friday because I hate the weekend worrying.

Please pray for me. I am terrified. I hated the last surgery. I hate whole entire mess.

My doctor made the comment that she would hate to see what shape I was in if I wasn't on Lyrica. But that in some ways she wishes I wasn't, because then we could try it.

I am on the max dose. Not sure what comes after the MRI. But at least it shouldnt' hurt.

So sorry if my spelling is of fin the coming weeks. I can't really control my fingers all the time.



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Oh Susie I am so sorry- I am sitting here with no words... wondering why these things happen? Please know you are in my thought and I am hoping, rattleing sending all of my positive energy your way.
The waiting will be hard, try to stay strong.

Sending you hugs :kisses:

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Susie - sorry to hear that you are having more neuro issues. Sending positive thoughts your way for a clear & pain free path toward treatment.


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Hope you get some productive answers from the MRI. Its awful to know what you want to say or do, but not have the control to do it!!!!!!!!!

Sending healing prayers.....



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thanks ladies.

I got called to see if I wanted to do the test at noon, instead of 3. Then, at 9:30, did I want to come in right away?

You betcha.

Got there and discovered they wanted the contrast MRI. I hate these, the dye makes me sick to my stomach and gives me a migraine. So I did the test and tehn went to the store to get stuff for dinner BEFORE the migraine hit.

Migraine medications don't work on this one. I have to wait for the dye to get out of my system.

I just was so glad to get it done almost a full day early. This way I will have results by Tues, instead of waiting until Wed.

The mri itself wasn't bad. The IV site is going to be a ginormous bruise, but it didn't hurt. They coverd my eyes iwth a washcloth and I zoned out.

I will let y'all know when I know.

Hugs, (off to be migraine momma)



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I am SO sorry you have to go through this. I have the utmost sympathy for you. Those needles seem like they are the size of lawn Jarts don't they? And I too can't handle contrast. I'm allergic to the preservative in it.

-The last MRI I had done was to rule out a brain tumor. I didn't have one, but I did ask for an 8x10 glossy of the film so I could PROVE to my Mom once and for all the answer to her favorite nagging question:


---and now, I can whip that film out and prove I do.

Hugs and ice for you today my friend. Praying things are fine and the tests are found with good results.


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I had a MRI of my pituitary and got the CD of the images, to prove to DS that I really do have a brain, contrary to what he believes. :hammer:

He, on the other hand, has always been told he has concrete between the ears, and does not have a picture to prove otherwise. :rofl:

Pam R.


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Susie, medicine has changed in the last 10 yrs. Hopefully the treatment will be helpful.

I know that neuro pain is brutal and difficult to control. Muscle weakness and numbness is scary.

Keeping a good thought for you.


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Rattling beads that somehow things are a little more positive than initially thought.

Fran's right, a lot has changed in 10 years of surgery. Hopefully there will be a better method and recovery if surgery is necessary!


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:smile: you are in my thoughts and prayers........I really hope the mri results will answer many questions, but that the problems will be minimal. Please keep us posted...........we are pulling for ya.


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Y'all crack me up! Proving you have a brain, Ha! I am blonde. gets me out of so much trouble. LOL!

I had an Xray of my spine done years ago, kept the copy when the specialist was done. When we moved to OK from OH, I gave a very dear friend of mine the Xray. Told her now she had some spine to deal with her soon to be exhusband! She really needed it.

I will get results next week. I have been looking into some of the new things they do with spinal surgery. Not sure what I will be a candidate for, but I will go with the artificial disc before I let them use donor bone, or cut more bone from my hip.

Thanks for the prayers and beads, I really appreciate them