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Hi all!
Thanks awfully for all the responces, and I know that ALL your advice is on target, and good. husband here, wife sleeping and recuperating,Thank God! wife called difficult child's councilor today, and got some good advice. Crisis seems not to be as dire as first assesed. difficult child doesnt seem to anxious to leave this world, yet BELIEVE me we dont take these hints lightly!!!. Having an addictive personality disorder, I truely understand the mechanics of addictions, and see quite clearly in my difficult child the same games I played on myself!. I talk to him in earnest about it on a real level , but he hasn't hit his bottom yet! I totally agree that there isnt a whole lot to do for him until he wants to help himself, except to get him in an environment where he cant hurt himself! We are proceeding on several levels to help difficult child , and are being proactive with both his councilling, school, and court. working hard to be supportive, encouraging, and negative regarding drugs. We realize that things are getting worse, and worse, but we arent lulled into a false sense of security, and are aggressivily pursuing all avenues for aid for our difficult child (medications, counciling, support,etc). We continue to encourage him regarding his future, and the good stuff there is to live for, and behind the scenes are seeking good psychiatric support foor him.
Again thanks for the responces


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pcand -

Hope things continue to progress with counseling, etc. It sounds like you are covering all bases. These troubled teens certainly keep you on your toes at all times. Good luck, and keep us posted.



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I live in IA and methamphetamines are everywhere. Part of the "recipe" is anhydrous ammonia, which is pumped underground in the fields out here after harvest. It's a CHEMICAL FERTILIZER!

This wonderful chemical, if inhaled or splashed on the skin, causes burns, blindness and possibly death. Farmers are reluctant to leave large tanks of it in the fields (like they've done in years past)at night because people siphon it from the tanks.

Simply getting this stuff on yourself can kill you, but people keep doing it. They make tons of money off meth.

Yet people who know what this chemical does to the skin pump it into their veins?