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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pnuts, Dec 3, 2007.

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    Good Morning...
    Asking for you guys to rattle beads, etc.
    I am meeting with difficult child's teachers, sw, principal, and the learning specialist this afternoon. difficult child goes to a private school so IEP's are not used. However, they seem willing to hear my suggestions for accomodations. The teachers don't seem to 'get' dysgraphia, dyspraxia or for that matter bipolar disorder. Which to me makes it difficult to provide appropriate expectations for difficult child. The nurse in me is excited about the opportunity to educate, the mom in me is nervous. I am going to be armed with some written material as well. I hope that I can pave the way for other difficult child's that these teachers will no doubt encounter in the future as this school is chock full of difficult child's.
    Thanks. Have a good Monday everybody... :snowman:
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    You have on your battle gear? :warrior:

    You go, mom. Rattling beads here for ya.
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    Sorry I missed this.

    How did it go?
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    I hope things went well!