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difficult child has a friend upstairs and they are playing video games, laughing and have a very good time! This is the second time over winter break this boy has come over. Yesterday he had another friend over as well. He still doesn't get invited to anyone's house or to just hang out but the fact that he has friends that make the effort to drive across town to come visit him warms my heart.

This is the same boy who had virtually no friends in his younger years. He has been driving us crazy over winter break (definitely didn't get enough work hours over break). However, today I am enjoying the sound of him hanging out with a friend. It's amazing how the little things can make you feel so good.

Next week we will be attending a funeral for one of my nephews who was only in fourth grade (suffered from a disease that has ravaged many of the boys in husband's family). Today is my gratitude day for having my difficult child around. He is truly a difficult child in every sense of the word but he is here and I am feeling blessed. (Now I need to remember that when he is driving me crazy later ;).)


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Congrats on being able to enjoy your difficult child. Sorry to hear about your loss though. I hate when young children pass away.


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Love those times when our socially awkward or immature difficult children have typical moments! As my difficult child matures, he seems to have more of those moments.



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Sorry so late, but wanted to say I know the RARE feeling and experience of listening to my difficult child having fun with-a friend. The sound of his laughter is precious. by the way, just be-in-the-moment with the friendship. At least in our case, they rarely lasted. But it was wonderful at the time.

I'm so sorry about your nephew. So sad.