My 14 yr old needs treatment

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Kyniston30, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Kyniston30

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    My son needs to go into inpatient treatment for marajauna use that has been getting in the way of school and home life. He agrees he needs to quit and is willing to go. The problem is his father which is the non-custodial parent says if I send him he will take me to court. He thinks he will be better off moving in with him instead. The father has a history of alchohol abuse and several DUI's. He say he has been sober for 2 years. I am just not sure if I can get in trouble fir sending my son or will the courts see I am doing what is in the best interest of my son. Our parenting plan says joint decisions for anything medical.
  2. Karenvm

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    Hi. Sorry you have to go through this.
    I have an almost 18 year old who has been using marijuana and alcohol for the past two years. Been in and out of treatment programs, and even recently completed a 40 day inpt stay- and he is STILL using.
    I would honestly recommend doing whatever you can do NOW to help your son. Before it goes any further, and before you have less control over his care (in my state, if a child is 14, they can decide for themself whether or not to go into treatment, which is crazy!). Contact an attorney (consultation is usually free) to find out what you can do to overrule your ex's objection to therapy for your son. I think the earlier that you intervene, the better chance he has of overcoming this problem. It can only get worse, take it from one who is going through this with an older teen.
    I would stay strong, and know that you are going to meet resistance from your ex, but know that you are really doing the best thing for your child.

    Good luck!
  3. Nancy

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    I agree, contact your attorney. But quite honestly this is one of those things that I would do irregardless, and take my chances in front of a judge who would be seriously crazy if he found you guilt of anything.
  4. toughlovin

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    Definitely contact an attorney....but my guess is you could go to court and ask for an emergency hearing saying your son needs tx and that your ex does not agree.

  5. buddy

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    No judge is going to agree with your ex. I'm sorry you have that threat hanging over you...
  6. PatriotsGirl

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    I agree with everyone else - if he is willing to go - TAKE HIM. The younger and earlier - the better!! No judge would ever fault you for sending your son to rehab...
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    Take him in now. Today. If your ex takes you to court, I'm certain the judge will scold him for wasting the court's time. My ex took me to court for not paying for my son's tuition. He was, and remains, dependent on drugs. I said I wouldn't pay for college until he got treatment and was clean. The judge agreed with me and threw her case out. (My son dropped out of school a month later and she has put him in school two other times, only to have him drop out each time). I don't know the logic (or lack of logic) your ex is showing, but I'd love to see Judge Judy handle this one.
  8. FlowerGarden

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    I agree with everyone else. They've given you great advice.
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    Hi kyniston,
    really sorry for what you're going through. I think you must definitely choose what is good for your son, and as karenvm :smile: advised you regarding attorney consultancy, i think that is a fine idea to go with. You're doing right and everybody here have same opinion as mine. Best of luck.