My 5 year old has some issues!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by karif, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I have posted here before under help my 3 year old and then my 4 year old. We have been through so much since the last time I visited this site. We have since found out that he is borderline mentally retarded with an IQ of 70, Bipolar, reactive attachment disorder, sensory, visual and auditory processing disorders. OF course with the bipolar he has severe off the chart ADHD. He has been put on several medications. Respridol, Depakote, Tennex and now the new one is Zoloft. My question is he still does not sleep through the night, up and down all night long. Very restless won't sleep in own bed. Has severe anxiety all night long and sometimes during the day. However the zoloft has helped with day time anxiety. Has anyone every used weighted blankets? I heard they might help. Please don't suggest any specialist we have been to them all. I mean all our latest was a dysmorphologist. Just wanted to know about weighted blankets and if you think he might be on to many medications. He is only 5. Thanks:sigh:
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    Would you mind giving doses and times the medications are being administered?

    While Zoloft may be helping with daytime anxiety, it has a tendency to cause agitation in some kids. So I'm wondering if it's contributing to his nighttime difficulties. Do the nights seem worse since Zoloft was introduced?

    If he won't sleep in his own bed, have you thought about putting a mattress or sleeping bag on the floor of your room so he feels more secure near you?
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    Weighted blankets were helpful. I even liked it on nights when I had trouble sleeping.

    You also might try alternatives like a sleeping bag, letting him sleep in a place he feels safer, empowering him in some way like by giving him a cell phone to keep beside him.

    Is he on all four medications right now?
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    Yes he is on all four medications right now at the same time. The doses are Depakote 2ml twice a day (been on since he was 3 1/2 tried to ween him off last summer and had a mental break down), Respridol just increased to .8 twice a day (also been on since 3 1/2 seems to work well), Tennex 1 tsp once at night, Zoloft .5 ml at night only. He also takes Benedryl per doctor about 2 tsp at night to help go to sleep. Also he has never slept in his own room. He went from out bed to a mattress on our floor. Now he is back in our bed primarliy. He doesn't understand the concept of a cell phone to call someone. He gets really upset when he can't feel one of us next to him.
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    Have they tried anything else with him? in my opinion--and I'm just a mom but I know a lot of us will agree here--four medications is a lot for such a young child who can't express himself well except through behaviors.

    I'm not suggesting a different type of specialist, but I'd definitely talk to the doctor about trialing some others, and if he/she isn't open I'd be looking to consult with a different doctor. With some medications you won't see side effects right away but they will gradually increase and then it's really, really tough figuring out what's going on. Wtih four medications it's also really tough.

    One other thing to mention is that if medication changes are difficult, sometimes doctor will do a hosptial admit for a few days, and then he'd have 24/7 safe supervision. We've had families use that option who had kids who medication changes were difficult for.

    What therapies is he getting, and do Occupational Therapist (OT) techniques seem to be helping?
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    Our psychiatrist had us try Benadryl at night to help my difficult child get to sleep. There's a warning on the bottle that says it may cause hyperactivity, especially in children. My difficult child is definitely one of those. It made him so much more restless that we stopped after only 2 nights. Have you tried going without the Benadryl a night or two? I would suggest trying that. It won't hurt as it is not something that needs to be maintained at a certain level in the bloodstream to be effective as other medications are. It might be worth a try.
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    I'm going to second the thoughts on trying not giving Benadryl for a couple of nights, just to see.

    I use it for allergies, and it doesn't make me drowsy. Jett, either. Knocks husband on his rear... But Onyxx... Onyxx. She gets SUPER hyper/manic and has hallucinations on it. So... You never know. (FWIW, as a child Benadryl knocked me flat, so I probably have a tolerance. Jett, on the other hand, is only 12, so...)
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    We have tried several differant neurologists. We are very happy so far with the one at Loma Linda that we have been to a few times. We go to behavioral cognitive therapy twice a week a speicalist in reactive attachmnet once a week. At school he is in a special day clas kinder and has aba three times a week and Occupational Therapist (OT) once a week and speech twice a week. I agree so many medications are a lot for him but he has been through alot. On depakote and respridol he can function. Without anything he is like a wild animal. It isn't just bad behavior he litteraly can not function with out them. Believe me I was a mom before Josh that did not believe in medication for children. Then God blessed us with him.
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    Thanks for filling us in.

    Please don't think I meant to in any way be judgmental in my comments about the medications. I remember when you first came here and know you've been through a lot with a child with multiple-disabilities. But we also see parents who haven't questioned their doctors or tried other doctors who really are medicated.
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    Hey! Just a thought...have you tried melatonin? Two of mine got sort of hyper if I used benadryl too close together (like 2 days in a row...if I skipped a day, it would help them sleep). Melatonin (it's in the vitamin aisle) really seems to do the trick. Ask the neurologist if he thinks it might help!

    Weighing in on the weighted blankets (haha!) - they can do wonders. You might also want to talk to his Occupational Therapist (OT) about a "brushing" regimin. Worked wonders on difficult child 2 right around your little guys age. If you look online, it's a very soft bristled brush and you literally brush his skin in a certain pattern. The Occupational Therapist (OT) would be able to give you lessons so that you can do it as he needs it. I used to do it 3x per day, once right before bed and it completely mellowed him out.

    Keep posting! We're here! :hangin:

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    When I was on Zoloft I was told to take it in the morning because it would keep me up.
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    We have tried melatonin and it did not work. I am not at all taken back by any suggestions. I hope I did not come across as that. I just need some help and suggestions and just wanted to let you know where we are at and what we have tried so far. thanks
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    If you do ever try Meltatonin again (as he may respond differently to it at different points) be sure and check about reactions with medications. I know there are a few medications it cannot be taken with.

    Is it a neurologist who is prescribing, or a child and adolescent psychiatrist? One thing you might do is keep your ears open for someone who is super skilled at medications, because that will be a primary need from this point with so many issues. You'd probably need to tap into online special need parent groups in your area to find out if there's one around.
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    I haven't read all the responses due to time issues. I do want to offer some ideas. Occupational Therapist (OT) can help a TON. Weighted blankets are part of what an Occupational Therapist (OT) can suggest to help him. If you can, get a copy of "The Out of Sync Child Has Fun". It has a lot of ideas that will help with his sensory needs - and has lots of ideas to make those things CHEAP. One idea that might be super helpful is a "crash pad". You take two twin size sheets and sew them on 3 sides, leaving one short side open. Then you stuff it with old blankets, pillows, stuffed animals with no hard eyes or buttons, etc... You can either sew the end shut after you stuff it or put a zipper or velcro there so you can take stuff out easily. I keep out of season bedding in there. This crash pad can be jumped on, hidden under (if you don't sew the end shut make sure they don't hide IN it), even rolled up in. My kids liked to have it wrapped around them and then have me push on the side so they were "squished" gently. I used stuff I had plus about $5 worth of used pillows from a thrift store I trust. It has been wonderful.

    My other thoughts are about the zoloft. medications like zoloft are usually NOT a good idea for children with bipolar, even if they are depressed. the CABF should have a list of the medication protocol recommended for bipolar children and it should be at least discussed with the docs. MANY people of all ages who have bipolar can NOT take antidepressants of ANY kind. It is something to think about. I personally won't have a child on zoloft, esp a male. My son took it when he was 12 for about 8 months. At first he said it helped, so we thought it was good. Then his behavior started to change a LOT. He became really really angry and depressed, in a different way than before - i cannot explain the difference except to say it was somehow a "darker" and "meaner" depression than he had ever had. I finally went back through behavior journals and realized that at about 4 mos on zoloft things started to get a LOT worse, very much angrier and more aggressive no matter WHAT we did. He also HATED himself for feeling that way, which was new. He had hated how he felt, and had hated himself, but had not ever hated himself because of how he felt - if that makes any sense. It is how he explained it to me, fwiw.

    Anyway, I URGE you to keep a daily behavior log and to go back over it every few weeks to look for trends like this. When he went off the zoloft things started to get much better but it took a few months.
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    We are looking into buyin a weighted blanket very soon. We have some new issues though. Now I know that Zoloft is making him back to "Pshcyo" boy. I feel 2 years of therapy down the drain with one medication. We are slowley weaning off. He has also been making himself throw up the past 4 nights. Any suggestions??? I am so frustrated with his behavior. We just had to leave a flag football game that my husband was playing because he was throwing chairs and telling people he was going to kill them. HELP!!!!!!
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    Truthfully? If these aren't common behaviors, I'd call his prescribing doctor. Since there's medications being added, medications being taken off, he needs to be helping you with this. It may mean a trip to the ER as there could be issues with the various medications.

    Many hugs for you both...I'm sure you've got to be stressing out all over the place!

  17. karif

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    To let all of you know I am taking my little guy to the neurologist today. WE are weaning off on Zoloft. I will let you know what they say.
  18. karif

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    The neurologist is increasing his Depakote finally. Which by the way, has not been increased since he started at 31/2 on it. They are also in agreement to take him off the Zoloft. A few more days of weaning him off and then we should be good. We will increase REspridol in a few weeks if needed. She is also going to order an MRI and EEG because he has never had one done. This is to be done under sedation. Any thoughts on this???
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    It's a good idea...I personally didn't have to have it done, but 2 of my sisters had children that needed them and they sailed through with flying colors. Considering all of the issues going on right now, they need to rule out additional problems. I'd look at it as another piece of the puzzle.

    Glad to hear that they're on top of the medications! Nice job!