My 5 year old son has ODD

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by aln1218, Sep 14, 2009.

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    My oldest son who is 5 years was just diagnoised with ODD, he is taking Prozac. I am really having a hard time with this, should I?
    Along with the ODD he also has anxiety and depression....he's only 5...It bearks my heart for him to go thru life with this. :sad-very:
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    Hi, Amber.
    You want to tell us more about your son? How was his early development and does he make good eye contact with strangers and know how to behave with his same age peers? Any strange quirks? Who diagnosed him? Did he have a neuropsychologist evaluation.

    I can tell you from long experience that the diagnosis. of a five year old often, if not usually, changes with time as more symptoms appear and the child gets older and easier to assess. ODD, in many of our opinions, is kind of an unhelpful diagnosis that means "he is oppositional." It rarely stands alone and is normally caused by a disorder that frustrates the child.

    Do you have any psychiatric disorders or substance abuse on either side of her genetic family tree? Any siblings? Is the Prozac doing anything for him?
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    I have 4yr old fosterson, ADHD, O.D.D severe aggression.
    goes from 0 to red in a split second with no obvious trigger!
    Can be the most awesome person and then inflict fear and injury to the chosen victim.
    termed as one in a handful nationwide.
    We've had him since 10days old. We've worked very hard with him and we love him. He has not experienced any 'at home' violence or trauma.
    I walk a lonely path, we can't go out socially with him (which means he's not getting social training) and if we go out alone its a requirement by sitters that he's sedated and asleep.
    Would love to 'connect'