My amazing kid!

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    Duckie asked me if our Sunday School could do a fundraiser for the people of Haiti. We did fundraising each year when I taught that went to Episcopal Relief & Development, but we never specified where... just wherever it was needed most. So I talked to one of the current teachers and emailed our priest. Monetary donations will start to be collected this week and there will be a Sunday School sponsored bake sale on 1/24.

    It really doesn't seem like a lot in the face of such destruction but I am proud of my daughter for wanting to reach out and help.
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    She is amazing! It is so cool to hear when our kids want to help out. For her to recognize that there is a way for her to help Haiti is so amazing.

    My difficult child's class sewed wheelchair bags for a local nursing home. A representative came to school yesterday to thank them and invite them to come help out whenever they want. difficult child asked if we could contact them and set up some ways that he could help.

    What is the most awesome is that growing up, he has always been uncomfortable visiting nursing homes. Some kids just can't handle being around fragile adults. Then, two years ago when his anxiety was in control, there would have been no way he could handle visits.

    Now, he wants to help. He mentioned even going up and watching a football game with the residents. So, I better get this lined up while we still do have games to watch.

    I told his "Make A Diffence" club leader that I want him to find ways around town to help people. He just found one on his own!
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    That is so cool for both of your kids!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    TM, she gets it from her mom! ;)
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    TM, she IS an amazing kid! You should be very proud of her! She is kind and compassionate and shows such a great concern for others, especially for one so young.

    Gee, I wonder where she gets that from???? ;)
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    I think she gets it from her Aunt. I MEAN HER MOM!!!!!!! :tongue:


    Say.....I was going to donate to Redcross......but HOWS about....instead? I buy a $10 plate of (whatever you are baking for the sale) and send it to Duckies fund? ;) Still goes to the same place.....and you could take my plate of baked goods to...the staff at your local animal shelter in my name?
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    :916blusher: You're embarrassing me! :bag:

    Star :star: - That would be fine, lol!
  8. TM,

    This is simply awesome! I am most proud of my guys when they show empathy for others, and I know you are so proud of Duckie right now. Good work , Mom!

  9. Star*

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    DF said - A PLATE OF BROWNIES FOR WHO???? lol.....I said - FOR ANIMAL Duckies name - pointed to the picture and he said "Well for HER...? Anything." (melts for little girls) :tongue: