My apartments kicked me out.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Californiablonde, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Californiablonde

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    Basically they are not renewing my lease, which is up on March 31st. I will be moving yet again. I was shocked to find the notice on my door after work. I went to talk to the manager to ask why. She was disgustingly nice with a big huge smile on her face which ****** me off even more. She explained that she could not give me a reason, and it is perfectly legal for the apartments to kick me out without giving me one. So I have no recourse. I am panicking. It took a long time to find the place I'm at now. Several months. My autistic son has been going to the same school now for seven years. Same before and after school daycare too. Leaving his friends and the only elementary and middle school environment he has ever known would be detrimental to his mental health. The number of apartment complexes they have in our school zone is very limited. So I begin my search today. I hope I find a place still in our zone, but it's going to be tough. I have no idea why this is happening to me. I am very anxious and stressed out over this. This just doesn't make sense.
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    That's tough. Looking for new housing that meets your family's needs will probably be stressful. Take care of yourself and know that it will all work out in the end. And, landlords and tenants do not have to give any justification for not renewing a lease. Did you have a history of late payments or complaints from neighbors? Not renewing a lease for a tenant with good history doesn't make sense in this financial climate.

    Good luck.

  3. witzend

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    I'm sorry to hear about the apartment. When M was young and we moved out of one neighborhood, we were able to keep him in the same elementary/middle school due to before and after school care being in that school's neighborhood. When we moved from one HS district - not just one neighborhood - we were able to keep him in the same school for continued continuity in his education. Before you freak out about your difficult child, see what you can do to keep him where he's at. It might not be as difficult as you think.

    As to the manager, there's probably not a lot of help you're going to get from her. But it does seem unfair to not know why. Bearing in mind that people don't get evicted for no reason whatsoever, are you able to put your feelings aside and ask her for more information so that you can avoid the situation that got you evicted in your next home? It sounds as though this may be a problem that you or your difficult child had with another tenant, and while that stinks, there's nothing to stop a complex manager from taking sides. You should also be aware that many of these complexes are owned by the same companies, so you don't want to burn your bridges. The one thing that the manager must do is give an accurate reference for you, and they can't lie. You should ask her what type of reference you will get from her. If you weren't there long and you are going to get a bad reference, you should tell your next landlord that you were living with a family member or friend to save up money and leave the current manager out of it.
  4. Hound dog

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    Technically, CB isn't being evicted, the manager has just denied renewing her lease.

    I've lived many many yrs in apartments. I've had this happen twice. Both times had not a thing to do with me. First time was because the complex sold (we didn't even know it was up for sale) Second time was because they were starting a rehab/remodel on all the apartments.......doing them as they emptied out.

    Try not to take it personally and just move on. I'll be keeping fingers crossed and holding good thoughts you don't have much issue finding somewhere else.

  5. Californiablonde

    Californiablonde Well-Known Member

    I haven't had any problems with neighbors at all whatsoever. So it's not that. I am a very quiet, non confrontational person. As for being late? I was late by one day once in the two years I've been living there. Definitely not grounds either. I have no clue what the reason is and it just stinks that I will never know. I looked today on to see what is available in my city. There is only one other complex available. I'm sure there are more that are just not listed. Will have to go driving around and looking like I did last time. I called the school and told them I would be moving in April. I asked if there was any possibility, if I moved out of the district, to keep easy child at the same school. She told me normally they don't do that but in the end it's up to the principal. So the principal is going to call me later and talk to me about it. Wish me luck. I am super nervous over easy child's placement. Changing schools now would be highly detritmental for him.
  6. klmno

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    My guess is that they want to raise the rent by a substantial amount- if you can only find one other place to live that suits your family, then they have figured out that this apratment could bring more in for them- just my guess!
  7. Californiablonde

    Californiablonde Well-Known Member

    That could be it. I honestly don't know. And the apartments I'm looking for online are about $100 more expensive than what I'm paying now. Financially I will be even tighter with money than I am now. And right now I'm practically broke.
  8. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    Lisa could be right - it might have nothing to do with you whatsoever. Insofar as the school goes, if you want to keep your difficult child in the same before/after school situation, they have to go by that. It's where the child travels to and from, not where the child "lives".
  9. Kathy813

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    CB, do you work in the same school district that your son attends? I know all school districts are different but where I work, school district employees can request to have their children attend schools in the district whether they live in the district or not. Also, our schools offer hardship exceptions so students are allowed to stay in a certain school due to special circumstances. It's hard for me to believe that a principal would not let a student at least finish out the school year. . . especially one with special needs.

    It might be worth checking into whether your district has something like that.

  10. SuZir

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    When looking for the new home make it a priority that new area has good schooling option for your daughter. Try to keep your son in the old school if at all possible, but it is your daughter whose schooling is your biggest trouble.
  11. InsaneCdn

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    That is the rule, here. Parents are known to exploit it... as in, schedule their move-out possession date on their old home to be a couple weeks after school starts (after the transfer deadline)... so the kid can have one more year with their friends... especially if it would be the "last year" in that school anyway. But moving mid-year, or getting forced to move as in this case... he would absolutely finish the year in the current school, unless getting there was excessive hardship for the kid/parent.
  12. Californiablonde

    Californiablonde Well-Known Member

    Yes he will definitely be allowed to finish the school year. That's not what I'm worried about. It's his last two years of middle school. He has had the same daycare and the same friends for seven years. It would devastate him to change schools. And no I don't work in the same school district he does. And my daughter is not a problem at all whatsoever. She will remain in her school because her school already is not herl home school. She is there because she is in a specialized bipolar program so that no matter what district we move to, she will always go to the same school. I am not worried about her. It's my son that this will crush if he has to leave the same friends he's had for seven years. He will not take it well.
  13. 1905

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    Can you just throw it out to the manager that you would be willing to pay a hundred dollars more a month if you could stay? I mean if you're new place will cost that anyway...and the reason is they just only really want to charge a hundred dollars more, you could try.
  14. Californiablonde

    Californiablonde Well-Known Member

    Thing is I've been there for two years and they always increase the rent when the lease is up. Why would they kick me out cause they are raising the rent? They have no idea about my financial struggles. I always pay on time. Why would they think I wouldn't be willing to pay more money when I always have? I don't get it.
  15. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    There's one other possiblility: some large management companies periodically decide to run credit checks on current tenants before renewing leases.

    I don't know the specifics of your situation beyond you having had troubles with a payday loan type place.

    Anyway...I would very strongly suggest you pull your credit reports from all three agencies before starting your apartment search.

    This will give you the chance to resolve any errors and to attach letters of explanation to any bad reports.
  16. SuZir

    SuZir Well-Known Member

    That is great news! Did you get her mainstreamed to more classes or did she find friends otherwise? And is she getting better along with boys in her class and being more willing to go to school again? I thought you were trying to get her moved back to her old school just few weeks ago, but apparently you have been able to find better solutions for her in her current school. That is always great, when things work out.

    Hopefully also your son can stay.
  17. Californiablonde

    Californiablonde Well-Known Member

    Well the two boys that were harrasing her are gone so now she doesn't have problems there. And they are mainstreaming her in a math class and now she takes a social skills class that she absolutely loves. So things are looking up for her. Now if we could figure out this illness of hers things would be even better. As for my son, I called and left a message for the principal and so far I haven't heard anything back. I am going to call back if I still don't hear anything by the end of the day.